Saturday, March 16, 2013

Is God an Argentine?

Martin Caparros knows the Argentine mind better than I do. At least, I hope he does. After all, he is an Argentine. I am not.

And yet, I fear he made an error in his New York Times column on the new pope. He suggests that, to the Argentine mind the election of an Argentine cardinal to the papacy means that: “… yes, God is Argentine.”

I beg to differ. In all humility I offer a slight correction.

To the Argentine mind, God cannot be Argentine. He is French.

Argentines are not celebrating the election of the new pope because he is Argentine. They are celebrating because he chose as his papal name: Francis.


Sam L. said...

After all, or rather BEFORE all, God was here before there was an Earth, and there was no Argentina when the Church was started. Before the Jews, too.

n.n said...

He's Basque. Since their migration to Chile, I believe he is now Chilean. Does France permit holding dual citizenship?