Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Andrew Sullivan on the Clinton/Weiner Scandals

Yesterday, Andrew Sullivan offered a few choice words about the Clinton/Weiner comparison. He is especially agitated at the Clinton’s objecting to being compared with Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin.

Sullivan is not the first to point out that the Clinton scandals were far worse than the Weiner scandals. And he is not the first to point out that the Clinton outrage  is anything but honest.

But, he says it well:

So far as we know, Anthony Weiner has never committed adultery or sexually harassed or abused anyone. And Huma Abedin has not blamed a vast right-wing conspiracy for her husband’s libidinous indiscretions. None of that could be said about the Clintons. Bill lied and lied and lied again and again and again – until he was lying under oath, and lying to his own cabinet, telling them to go out and deny the very things he knew he had done. Bill didn’t send his dick pic to some activist paramour; he told state troopers to bring that hot woman he spied in the hotel lobby up to his room where he exposed himself to her and told her to “lick it.” And this creep has the gall to vent about Weiner.

And he adds:

As for recklessness, Bill Clinton, knowing full well that he was already being sued for sexual harassment by elements on the far right, went right ahead and had sex with an intern working for him at the White House – destroying the promise of his second term, and giving the hypocritical, extremist Republicans the political gift of a lifetime. Talk about betrayal of his supporters and everyone who had ever worked for him, including his cabinet. The Weiner affair is a trivial non-event compared with the Clintons’ reckless, mutual self-destruction.

Sullivan’s post is well worth a read.


Leo G said...


Somewhat related -


Sam L. said...

I won't read it. Not worth it to me.

Andy had/has a terminal case of BDS, and a really bad case of Republican Disorder Syndrome.

Dennis said...

Clinton would not have had to have a , what is the term, "Bimbo Patrol (SIC,) had "Slick" not been a serial philanderer and harasser. It might be said that Slick Willie really push the bounces of sexual harassment laws. Had the feminists and the media not been so corrupt and hypocritical Hillary's ride to the show would have been left at the curb.
Weiner is just a bit of a sick puppy, so to speak. I don't think he has broken any laws or even pushed the bounds of the law unless he was sexting a minor?
This is fun to watch. The knots many democrats are tying themselves up in in-order to give Weiner a pass is hilarious.

Dennis said...
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Dennis said...

I do actually go back and reread my comments to ensure they are as I desired. It always amazes me to wait a few days and reread them and note obvious mistakes.
A young lady at the deli was doing my order and it happened to be just a bit over half a pound. She asked me if that was alright. "I said fine. When I become perfect I will expect perfection from you. Since that isn't going to happen real soon you have nothing to worry about."
If one cannot find humor in their own actions life must be really dull.
Expecting perfection from politicians is a fools errand, but expecting honor and some sense of responsibility is not. It would seem that the very people who believe they can perfect others through the use of government to "nudge" are so lacking in that very trait themselves.