Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anthony Weiner for President

New York deserves Anthony Weiner. And it deserves Weiner’s stand-by-your-man wife, Huma Abedin.

Who better to be mayor of New York than Bill Clinton protégé, Weiner. And, who better to be New York’s first lady than Hillary Clinton aide and confidante, Huma Abedin.

Who better to be mayor of New York than a man who suffers from compulsive sexting disorder and who lies to the people. And who better to be first lady of New York than a daughter of one of the founders of the Muslim Sisterhood.

It doesn’t get any better. Next stop, Pennsylvania Avenue.

Based on yesterday’s new revelations, the New York Times and NOW are calling for Weiner to withdraw from the race for mayor of New York. But, where were they when Bill Clinton got caught with the intern? In fact, they defended him to the death.

They believed what Hillary had told them, that Bill would never sexually exploit a vulnerable intern. It was all just a “vast right wing conspiracy.” Liberal media outlets and liberal activist groups defended Bill Clinton for having done things that are far worse than what poor Anthony Weiner did.

New Yorkers worship Bill Clinton. They worship Hillary Clinton. They are drooling with anticipation at the advent of President Hillary.

They deserve Anthony Weiner.

The media and the activists have turned on Anthony Weiner because he reminds everyone of Bill Clinton’s sordid escapades. Weiner’s dogged pursuit the mayoralty, with the full support of his Stepford wife, reminds people of the Clintons. And not in the good sense.

Yesterday’s news brought us the message that, having adopted the screen name of Carlos Danger, Weiner was sexting with a comely Democratic operative in Indiana. He was doing it while his wife was pregnant. He was doing it after he resigned from Congress. He was doing it after he swore to the world that he wouldn’t do it anymore.

At the least we now know that Anthony Weiner is not a man of his word. If Huma Abedin believes that when her husband goes back on his word to the electorate the problem is just between the two of them, she has her own problems.

Lest we forget, Anthony Weiner has been working on his problems in therapy. At the least, we can say that therapy taught him to express his feelings openly and honestly. How’s that therapy working out for you, Anthony?

When you think about it, New York needs Huma Abedin as its first lady. It would surely be the first time that the city had a first lady whose mother was one of the founding members of the Muslim Sisterhood. Huma Abedin would be the first New York first lady to have worked on a Muslim Sisterhood publication for eight years.

Of course, the MS is the woman’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood… you know how well that worked out for Egypt. Dr. Abedin is also the chairwoman of the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child.

Nonie Darwish has reported on the policy positions that Huma Abedin’s mother’s International Islamic Committee holds. They make for compelling reading.

  • The IICWC position that the current laws criminalizing female genital mutilation be revoked.
  • The IICWC’s position demanding that the laws forbidding child marriage below the age of eighteen be revoked. No new minimum marriage age was given; the group stated that the marriage standard depends on the financial and mental ability and not dependent on a specific age.
  • The IICWC’s positions, as reported, demanding that the laws forbidding marital rape be revoked and that polygamy is a right for men.
  • The IICWC’s position that a health check-up before marriage be revoked since it is against religion and should not be part of the marriage contract.
  • The IICWC’s position that criminal responsibility triggering at age 18 be reduced to age 15.
  • The IICWC’s position revokes the right of a woman to register her newborn by herself for a birth certificate because Sharia states that a child’s lineage is given strictly to the father and his paternal line. The child belongs to the father even if it was the product of adultery.
  • The IICWC’s position revokes the criminalization of physical and mental abuse of parents against children, so long as the punishment does not cause a permanent deformity or the beating is too extreme.
If your mother-in-law held such positions, you would probably prefer that people be talking about your distended member.

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Bat21 said...

Over the years there has been a lot of speculation on the relationship between Huma and Hillary Clinton. Many people have said Carlos Danger acts as a 'beard' to Humas lesbianism. I don't know much about that, nor do I care. However, Carlos is Jewish, and I do believe that her marriage to him is a beard of sorts, meant to cover her extensive familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.