Friday, January 31, 2014

Socialism Is Failing in France

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, overall foreign investment in Europe increased last year. It increased in Germany by 392% to £19.6 billion. In Spain it rose by 37% to £22.4 billion. Great Britain led all nations in the Eurozone, attracting foreign investment of £32 billion.

The one exception to this rule was France. Under the leadership of Social president Francois Hollande, foreign investment in France fell by 77% to £3.5 billion.

Not what you would call a vote of confidence in Hollande’s leadership.

And that’s not all, folks.

The Daily Mail reports more bad news:

The increasingly dire performance by France, which is the Eurozone’s second largest economy, is a cause of huge concern for neighbours including Britain.

Other new figures released this week show France’s unemployment and poverty rates soaring to new highs.

Despite the Mr Hollande’s highly publicised ‘promise’ that he would get the jobless figures down in 2013, the number rose by 10,200 in December.

It now stands at 11.1 per cent, or  well over 3.3 million  – a figure which rises to almost 5 million if those in part-time temporary jobs are taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, a damning new survey shows that the poverty rate in France is at 14 per cent – the highest for 17 years.

Researchers from social policy consultants COMPAS found that 8.7 million French people live below the poverty line.

For the record, the population of France is 65.8 million.

Of course, Socialist president Hollande declared war on the rich. He has done everything in his power to raise taxes on the rich. He has stood tall as a champion of the poor and the oppressed.

A lot of good that has done the poor.

The Daily Mail says that it’s an embarrassment. That’s the least you can say. Perhaps this explains the real reason why President Hollande was sneaking out of the Elysee Palace in the dead of night. He was not trying to escape the woman who is now his former paramour. He was trying to put more distance between himself and a job he doesn’t know how to do.

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