Thursday, January 2, 2014

The War on Terrorism

No one is paying too much attention but the new military leaders in Egypt have been fighting the good war against Islamic terrorism. They have launched an assault against the Muslim Brotherhood.

You know the Muslim Brotherhood. It's the godfather of Islamic terrorism and it has been supported by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Leaders of the Brotherhood have been systematically arrested since the Egyptian military'scoup against President Morsi, a Brotherhood member, in July. Since then, the Brotherhood has been declared illegal, and many of Morsi's supporters have been tossed in jail. In recent months, the crackdown has escalated, leading most recently to the arrest of four Al Jazeera journalists accused of aiding the Brotherhood. The government has blamed the Brotherhood for several acts of violence, declaring the movement a terrorist group.

Stern closes his column with this peculiar statement:

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has expressed reservations about the movement's villification [sic], while—on the antipodal side of the spectrum—the Palestinian group Hamas has declared its support of the Brotherhood.

Who uses clunky phrases like “the antipodal side of the spectrum?” Someone who does not see that the current administration has not defined itself as an enemy of Islamic terrorism. It has wanted to reach out to the worst Islamic terrorists, in order to bring them into something resembling a democratic process. It was more than willing, nay, it embraced the empowered Muslim Brotherhood when it took over Egypt.

What has John Kerry been doing while the Egyptian military attempts to dismantle the Brotherhood? Why, he has been nudging or, is it coercing the Israeli government into releasing more convicted Palestinian terrorists from prison.

Hamas has no problem with John Kerry.


Sam L. said...

Nor Kerry with Hamas. Or pretty much anyone who hates America, or even just dislikes us..

Recruiting Animal said...

Didn't Bibi chose to give back violent prisoners so he wouldn't have to call a halt on new housing over the green line?

"In exchange, the Palestinians dropped their demand for Israel to halt construction of homes in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, areas captured by Israel in 1967 that they claim for their future state."

So, Kerry didn't force him.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

You don't think that he was pressured. Read Caroline Glick. Besides the Palestinians still do not recognize Israel's right to exist, so what does it mean for them to drop a demand. It's a lot easier to bring back a demand than it is to put the terrorists back in jail.