Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hillary Meets the Press

If Hillary Clinton imagined that she would receive the Obama treatment in her quest for the presidency, events of this past week should have disabused her of the illusion.

Doing a book tour that seemed to be more like a campaign warm-up, Clinton discovered that she would not be receiving softball questions and would not be fawned over like a rock star.

The media drooled over Barack Obama. They found ecstasy contemplating the crease of his pants. No matter what he said, they proclaimed it to be divinely inspired brilliance.

When Clinton said something dumb, the media went after her. Now she knows how it feels to be a Republican or a pinata.

All of a sudden, the inevitability of Hillary seemed like yesterday's marketing slogan.

Who better than Mad Magazine to capture the media attitude toward HRC:

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Anonymous said...

Have any journalists asked Hillary about her accomplishments? The real ones? That should yield an interesting answer. And we needn't limit the conversation to her time as Secretary of State. Any noteworthy accomplishment will do.

I just made a political bet with a friend for a steak dinner at the restaurant of his choice. My prediction is that Senator Squaw -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts -- will be the Democrats' 2016 nominee for POTUS. Warren is a phony, has no achievements, speaks with a condescending tone, is painfully sincere, lives in an alternative universe, is a former law school professor, a progressive darling, and thus believes the majority of Americans are helpless fawns needing more "help." After all, American citizens are now "the help" for their political rulers. If Barack Obama can get re-elected, I see no reason the next nominee should not follow in his footsteps. And yes, I am serious about the steak dinner. And that's just the Dems nomination process. I see little hope in the Republican bench for tegu general election, though I cringe to think of "President Pocahontas." Warren won't be the kind of president you can have a beer with, but I'm sure she'll sit down with you for an organic, gluten-free, free-range, non-GMO, free trade spritzer.

I have deep contempt for Elizabeth Warren, like no other "public servant" I've encountered in my lifetime. I have no illusions about Hillary, but it's different. Warren is the kind of Progressive who will finish the job Obama started. She'll be a valiant warrioress against the Republican "War on Women." And she'll be 65 this month, meaning that -- like Hillary -- she has one shot.

Read me now, believe me later. The Left is not behind Hillary.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Chelsea will run for president? She's smart enough to get $26,547 for every minute she's been on the air with NBC. Really. Look it up! Yeah, the Clintons have encountered some really rough times with money... near broke. Whatever.

Lastango said...

Thanks for reminding me that I decided a couple of weeks ago to go buy a MAD Magazine after I saw this poster:

Eons ago, when I read MAD, it was sidesplittingly funny and the art was superb. Also, even then, I was aware MAD's pieces were often subtle, sophisticated, and never condescended to kids. I wonder if that's still true.

Anonymous said...

"Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts -- will be the Democrats' 2016 nominee for POTUS."

Tip, You should have stopped there. Your next hundred words tell us only that you've cultivated your stupidity until it has become your most conspicuous quality.

Sam L. said...

AT, clearly you do not hear Fauxcahontas as Tip and many others do. Or see her as we do.

Anonymous said...

$200,000 for yapping?

No wonder corporations control the politicians. It's like bribery.

Lastango said...

@ Anonymous

It IS bribery.

IMO, a primary reason Hillary Clinton agreed to be Secretary of State is because that ensured Bill would be in demand as a speaker around the world, at astronomical fees. Foreign governments and corporations were thus able to buy access to the highest levels of government by putting money directly into the Clintons' collective pocket.

Ares Olympus said...

If I was $12 million in debt, I might consider myself "dead broke" too, but the Clinton showed how to cash in a post-presidency. I've not paid attention to see how much people will pay for W to open his mouth.

And Tip has apparently found his alterego. Everything he doesn't like must by definition be something little Lizzy supports. He doesn't have to check his facts since she's the very model of everything Tip hates, by definition.

But I agree, a Warren-Palin show down for 2016 would make for a spectacular last decade for the country known as America.

If Palin wins, and the GOP takes the house and senate, they can lead the way to reversing the 19the amendment to get back to the good old days when women's delicate character will no longer be stressed by voting for running for office, and get back to raising kids who don't need to go to college to succeed.

And if Warren wins, and the Dems take the house and senate, we'll become an official socialistic nation, universal health care, and free public college to anyone who qualifies and keeps up their grades paid for by a restored FDR's 90% tax bracket, but alas send all the billionaires to Canada.

I don't know which America I believe in, but I expect the 2015 global economic crisis will be causing so much chaos, that we won't be able keep up with the trillion dollar debt meter.

I personally support Rand Paul to be our Gorbachev. The only good fight left is for testing the power of the 10th amendment to defund federal government.

Anonymous said...

$200,000? No, no, no... such a paltry figure, insulting the resourcefulness of Dr. Chelsea Clinton Mezvinsky, BA (Stanford), MPhil (Oxford), MPH (Columbia), DPhil (Oxford).

No, Dr. Clinton's November 2011 contract with NBC News (that's right, NBC's news division, the same that will cover Hillary's campaign) paid her an annual salary of $600,000 as a "special correspondent." Indeed she is special. Her international relations and public health degrees qualified her for the job, no doubt.

Dr. Clinton's net worth is $15 million, and she's 34. After all, she's very smart, very connected, and worked for McKinsey & Company, as well as a hedge fund. She's so brilliant and knowledgable in the ways of business that she's on several boards, including Barry Diller's IAC. She and her husband bought a $10.5 top floor Manhattan apartment, just like the other 99%. All while watching her mother barely scraping by.

How do you think Hillary's book tour is going so far?

Conspicuously Stupid Tip

Anonymous said...

Ares Olympus doesn't know what America he believes in, but he questions Conspicuously Stupid Tip about his "facts," offering an imaginary alter ego as the straw man.

I think C.S. Tip has been pretty clear on this blog for awhile now. Fauxcahontas seems like a phony to me too

Ares Olympus hears all, sees all, knows all. He's the Greek God of Omniscience.


Anonymous said...

And to boot, here she is:

Validating that Tip is a hater.