Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Yorkers Against Common Core

For once New York State does not stand alone.

As parents across the nation revolt against Common Core, the educational fix produced by Bill Gates and a band of educrats, New Yorkers have made their voices heard.

They are overwhelmingly against it. The Daily Caller Reports:

For months now, New York State has been ground zero for the backlash against Common Core among parents, teachers and school administrators.

The latest evidence demonstrating exactly how much New Yorkers loathe Common Core comes in the form of a shocking statewide poll, Albany NBC affiliate WNYT reports.

The poll, by the Times Union of Albany and Siena College Upstate Education, shows that a whopping 82 percent of the Empire State’s residents want to abandon the Common Core Standards Initiative in its current form.

Also, New Yorkers do not want the tests that rate teachers and school districts to be aligned with Common Core.

The poll also found that state residents are perplexed that state education bureaucrats want to use Common Core-aligned tests to rate teachers and school districts. Overwhelmingly, respondents said they don’t care about such ratings, Levy said. Instead, New Yorkers want standardized tests to be used to measure individual student achievement.

Obviously, if Common Core is the basis for standardized tests, parents and teachers will have to teach to it, like it or not. Rejecting it as the basis for evaluating achievement is a step in the right direction.

How bad was Common Core?

In the fall, thanks to a combination of Common Core and new teacher evaluations, some four- and five-year-old students in New York City were forced to fill in bubbles on multiple-choice, standardized tests. Many of the kids couldn’t even hold a pencil, let alone bubble in. Other continually tried to help their friends get the right answers.

Now, why is it that Jeb Bush and the teachers' unions remain among the few who still support it?

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