Saturday, July 26, 2014

Always Blaming the Woman

I don’t know about you, but I have just about had it with people who are always blaming women. You have a male who cheats on his wife, who cheats on her often and with many women.  And we are told that his mother made him do it.

Told by whom? By his loyal and dutiful wife, that's by whom. Admittedly, it’s nicer than to say that she married a model of moral dereliction, or worse, that, being married to her made him do it.

Naturally, she will say that he is really a sex addict. He can’t control himself. Poor guy! How did he get this way? His wife will explain, with a straight face that his mother abused him so badly when he was a child that he was cursed to have a voracious appetite for sex.

Imagine how painful that must be.

Aside from the fact that sex addiction is most likely a spurious diagnostic category, the notion that a man might not be responsible for his behavior because Mommy made him do it is insulting and demeaning. It absolves him of responsibility for his serial adultery.

Of course, if the sex addict is a black man and he has been having too much sex with too many blonds you must attack him in public and then send him to rehab. Do not pass Go, do not collect… any more blonds.

Think Tiger Woods.

If the sex addict in question is Bill Clinton, he does not go to rehab. He is lionized. His wife steps forth to defend him and to denounce anyone who would think ill of her poor suffering husband.

If he is accused of having sexually assaulted a woman, the woman is lying. If he is accused of having sexually harassed a woman, the woman is lying. They are all trailer-park trash anyway. How can you believe a word they are saying?

Besides, it was all his mother’s fault. When he was a child Bill Clinton was horrifically abused by his mother. He was caught between his mother and his grandmother. Imagine the horror!

The Daily News reports:

 "He was abused. When a mother does what she does, it affects you forever," Hillary said, according to the new book.

She did not specify the nature of the abuse but said it was the source of her husband’s infidelities. "I am not going into it, but I'll say that when this happens in children, it scars you," she said, according to Franks’ account. "You keep looking in all the wrong places for the parent who abused you."

In the original 1999 Talk piece, Hillary Clinton's description of her husband's tough childhood spoke more hazily about an abusive atmosphere — focusing more on Kelley's problems with her mother Edith Cassidy, who cared for Bill when he was small.

"He was so young, barely 4, when he was scarred by abuse and he can't even take it out and look at it," Hillary was quoted as saying in Talk's debut issue.

As a credentialed expert in child development Hillary Clinton is happy to report that children never get over abuse. One might ask what message this sends to children who have been molested. Do we really want them to believe that they are ruined for life?

Besides, for a martyred victim, Bill Clinton did not do so badly for himself. If the worst thing that ever happens to you is that you are respected as a successful president and have gotten away with God knows what… this is not quite the same thing as lifelong institutionalization.

Then again, perhaps we are being too hasty to dismiss Hillary’s psychobabble. For all we know Bill Clinton’s childhood abuse might explain why he made the one life decision that most people do not understand: he married Hillary Rodham.


Anonymous said...

"For all we know Bill Clinton’s childhood abuse might explain why he made the one life decision that most people do not understand: he married Hillary Rodham."

It made total sense intellectually and politically as both were smart, power-hungry, and ambitious.

But it also meant she was into that feminist thing--all the rage in the 70s--and wasn't being the sexy bodacious wife.

A man's brain is human but his gonads are reptilian.
And when Clinton saw Flowers and Lewinsky, his emotions went...

And yes, many blamed the woman, as happens here:

Sam L. said...

So I'm guessing that I have to blame Hillary! She drove him to it! Bad feminist! BAD!

Anonymous said...

Nothing the Clintons say surprises me. I'm also sickened by the "blame the woman" stories surrounding serial philanderers, but hearing Hillary testify to Bill's past and feeling his pain is too delicious to pass up. Did you know she was poor, too?

Hillary has no independent achievements to hang her hat on. She will say whatever is necessary to gain or maintain power. She has no principles, save self-preservation.

If Hillary decides to run for the Democratic nomination, she will be beat from her left flank by Elizabeth Warren, just as she lost to Barack Obama. Warren will use quotes like these against Hillary in the cat fight. It will be most entertaining.

Hillary's done. She's a woman scorned, hanging on for whatever relevance she can muster. She's like Michael Corleone: she wants to get out of Bill's shadow, but she keeps getting pulled back in.

The media loves the Clintons for all the drama, the spectacle, the sordid stories, the nine lives. They'll set Hillary up to fall because it'll make the primaries that much more exciting. They'll get the Lefty nominated (Warren) and then run the table against the Republican nominee, just like they did with Obama.

Follow where Soros and Hollywood go, as the money follows them. I don't see them plunking down for Hillary in the primaries. She's toast. And now we learn it'll all be Bill's mother's fault. By the way, didn't the 1992 Clinton campaign set up Bill's mother as this amazing woman? I remember they did. Another tall Clinton yarn that turns out not to be true.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?


Anonymous said...

The smartest thing Hillary ever did was hitch her wagon to a star. How did she see his potential? Or was it luck?

Bill is a genius. Possibly a sociopath. He married exactly the woman he needed. An amoral Climber & pathological liar & firewall.

He doesn't need a firewall anymore. But she keeps doing what she does best. To negative effects now.

Didn't they say, "Two for the price of one?" I knew it was dangerous bunkum when they said it. Secrets, lies, and heaven knows what else.

Whew. Enough already. We want new news. Lana del Rey "slept with" (I hate that term) a lotta guys!! -- Rich Lara