Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The War Comes Home ... to Chicago

He brought the war home. 

President Obama prides himself on having ended wars. He should not be proud of how he ended them, but still, he takes his pride wherever he can find it.

Now, in an echo that dates to the days of the Vietnam counterculture, the war has come home. More precisely, it has come home to Chicago.

Chicago was Obama’s home base. It’s where he spent his Sunday’s at the feet of notoriously peace-loving Rev. Jeremiah Wright. It’s the home of Louis Farrakhan and Bill Ayers. The city is ruled by Obama’s former chief of staff. What better laboratory could there be for Obamist policies?

By now, you have heard that Chicagoans celebrated the Fourth of July by shooting up the town.  Fourteen people were killed. Eighty-two people were shot.

Apparently, the Age of Obama has not brought peace to Chicago. Mayor Rahmbo has certainly not done a very good job curbing the violence.


Anonymous said...

Chicago has draconian gun laws. You may read articles over the past year saying they've been "gutted" or changed, but get beyond the title and the lede, and you'll find things haven't changed at all.

Law-abiding citizens are not the problem with gun violence, because they follow gun laws because that's... the law. Criminals are the problem with gun violence because they don't care a whit about gun laws because they don't follow the law. That's why they're called "criminals" in the first place.

The whole culture of "DO SOMETHING!!!" is creating a society where things are more and more dangerous, leaving good people more and more victimized. Regular people cannot afford bodyguards, bullet-proof glass and motorcades.

Just one more example of how liberal Americans come up with these nutty "wouldn't it be nice" ideas, make them law in an effort to "do something," and then do nothing about the effects of their ideas. I'm not sure you can call it "unintended consequences" anymore. The real consequence is that people are left defenseless, seek protection from the civil authorities, and the civil authorities (almost exclusively Democrats in urban centers) throw up their hands in surrender, contenting themselves to show up at funerals to say "I am so sorry about your loss" and walk off with their bodyguards and head back to the office in a motorcade in vehicles with -- you guessed it -- bullet-proof glass.

Let's make pretend and say that gun control laws stop gun violence. Once we regain our adult sensibilities, why not allow citizens with zero felonies to own a firearm? Or perhaps you think the problem is more about lack of resources (a perennial human complaint), explaining a lack of police presence, caused by tight budgets. But perhaps the tight budget for police salaries is a consequence of decades of "negotiations" by Democrat politicians with public sector unions. If you say there's more police than ever before, then the problem is clearly beyond the size of the police force. If you say the police force is strapped because of policies, look at the Democrat lawyers' lobby.

The point is to stop using childish wishful thinking to argue about this. Look in the mirror. If you favor gun control laws that don't work, YOU are ignorant and YOU are part of the problem because your idea simply doesn't work. It's amoral to forbid people to not protect themselves and prosecute them when they do. It's patently unjust to leave citizens to the will of wandering bands of criminals.

There are few issues that highlight the nonsensical liberal fantasy bubble than people who earn the top 20% of incomes in this country (that's around $100K and up) saying that we should have gun control because guns are bad. You have to be a college graduate to believe that kind of lunacy, and have a graduate degree to advocate it as sound policy.


Sam L. said...

Not brought home--it was already there. Some years, now.

And...what Tip said!

Anonymous said...

There is a concentrated effort in Chicago to under report crime but get thru the bravo sierra.

Dennis said...

There is a constant theme here that guns are the problem which of course is how all Leftist excuse the damage they have created. I would posit it is an outcome of liberal left policies that have destroyed the cohesiveness of the Black family. Without a strong family structure children are left to their own devices and the actions of their peers who come from the same dysfunctional environment.
The fact that this happened in the Black areas of Chicago is only a demonstration of the damage Leftists have done to the Black family. If guns were the problem then the violence would be wide spread which it is not. Sadly, until Blacks and other minorities recognize the damage done to them by the Left and democrats, they are much the same, they will not be able to improve their lot.
Blaming an inanimate object for human failing will not solve any problem.
What bothers me most is that Left is doing as much as they possibly can to destroy the family structure in order to create dependency on a central government instead of that which is closest to the child or the adults involved. The fact is that governments are incapable of the one thing all people need, love. In most of recorded history and even now the family provides that love.
Interesting that a government that recognizes its limitation can be part of an extended family. That most governments, as they grow larger, do everything in their pose to destroy the family, whether that be in attacking religion, providing the wherewithal to create dependency, et al. Destry the culture of the larger family and one destroys all families. It is the cohesiveness of the family that creates the ties that bind.

Anonymous said...

Blacks have gun, will unravel.

Dennis said...

I knew a lot of Blacks with guns in the military and they did not unravel. The same was true with every other minority. I trusted my life to them.
They are just as responsible as any other group. Where minorities have the biggest problems are in areas where the Left has made them dependent. One only has to look at Diblasio paying homage to the teacher's union instead of the education of minorities in the city.
One would hope that your comment 8/9/2014 at 7:17AM is not indicative of an attitude that is divisive?

Sam L. said...

Anon, great take on Paladin.

Dennis, did you ever watch that show (Have Gun, Will Travel)?