Friday, September 26, 2014

Trouble in Apple Valley

Where’s Steve Jobs now that we need him?

Apparently, the bloom is off the new iPhone. To say the least.

For the record, I do not now own and have never owned an iPhone. I don’t have a cell phone, either. Thus, I have no personal opinion on these matters.

The same cannot be said for Jessica Roy at New York Magazine.

For your edification she has listed some of the most serious defects with the new iPhone 6.

Some you already know. The new gadget seems to have a tendency to bend. The new OS doesn’t work very well. The fingerprint censor can easily be deceived. It’s too big to type while you eat.

And, of course, it looks like breakfast food.

But then, the worst thing about the new instrument, for diehard Apple fans, is this:

The screen is too big to discreetly view porn in public.

The indignity of it all….

1 comment:

Sam L. said...

"The screen is too big to discreetly view porn in public."

The HORROR! The horror...

That is the biggest deal-breaker I ever heard of.

I've never bitten the Apple.