Friday, November 7, 2014

The Return of Miss

In some quarters the engagement of Benedict Cumberbatch is cause for rejoicing. In others it is reason to go into mourning.

Most people are thrilled to the fact that the actor bought an ad to announce his betrothal in the Times of London. The love the formality; they love the propriety; they love the decorum.

One had thought that truly modern thinkers had dispensed with all of it, but maybe not.


But, note clearly that Mr. B. T. Cumberbatch is now engaged to Miss S. I. Hunter.

Get it.

Apparently, in Great Britain, an unmarried woman is still called Miss. Could it be that Ms has not made its way across the pond? One shudders to imagine how this could possibly have happened.

And, why didn't feminists call out B.T. Cumberbatch for this blatant instance of manifest sexism?

Has true love conquered ideology? Or has dazzling talent bought B. T. C. a pass?

We can always hope.

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