Monday, November 10, 2014

Woman Behaving Badly

Woman behaving badly.

Just in case you thought that men held a monopoly on mistreating women, take a look at Marie Napoli. For the full story see the New York Post article.

Wife of prominent attorney Paul Napoli, she discovered one day that her husband was having an affair. With a married woman, no less. Marie Napoli reacted by taking out after her husband’s mistress with a fury.

She harassed and bullied Vanessa Dennis. Apparently, she had forgotten about the solidarity of sisterhood.

Once she discovered the name of Dennis’s husband, she wrote him directly:

One message read: “tell ur hoe 2 stop f--king my man, we got a family ... Ive been watching that slut. She needs to backoff.

Who’s slut-shaming now?

After a time, Dennis was fired from Paul Napoli’s law firm.

It didn’t stop Marie Napoli: 

She e-mailed Dennis on May 12, 2013, saying, “just so we are perfectly clear I have full access to all the work/office e-mails and contacts of yours, and be rest assured I am not afraid to use them.”

She also threatened to follow her “like a scarlet letter.”

Later that day, Napoli e-mailed again with a note that said: “Happy Mothers Day! Oh yea I should say happy motherless day. Tick tock.”

Dennis had previously told Paul Napoli that she might not be able to have children.

Dennis moved to Texas, but Marie Napoli continued to harass her. After all, when your husband has an affair with an attractive young woman in his office, it’s all the woman’s fault. That brazen hussy.

The Post reports:

Even after Dennis moved to Texas, the alleged harassment continued. Marie Napoli sent handwritten letters tucked into Christmas cards to the wives of Dennis’ new bosses labeling her a “sex addict” and even describing Dennis’ private body piercing. She warned, “if I were you I would not let her near my husband.”

Napoli sent messages to everyone on LinkedIn associated with Dennis’ new firm. She tried to “friend” Dennis’ Facebook friends and those of her husband and posted comments under photos of Dennis calling her a slut.

The young lawyer was even followed as she drove around Houston, according to an e-mail she received detailing her movements.

In early January 2014, Dennis got out of the shower in her Houston apartment to find her back door open and her cat, Padme, gone. She received a series of texts on Jan. 27, 2014, written as if from Padme, with one saying, “How do u think I got out...”

Given the number of other people Marie Napoli got involved in the story, she was not being very discrete. 

Dennis and her husband are now separated. Paul Napoli is standing by his woman. He must feel some gratitude toward a wife who willingly absolved him of all responsibility for his affair.

Today, Paul Napoli is suffering from leukemia. He is undergoing a bone marrow transplant… meaning that he is very ill.

Vanessa Dennis has filed suit against Marie Napoli for defamation. The latter has countersued Vanessa Dennis for alienation of affection.

It’s funny how they keep accusing men of being misogynists.


Sam L. said...

Left out the stalking and harassment accusations, I see. Seems like the Napolis deserve each other.

Soviet of Washington said...

Pretty much every change to Western Civilization in the past 50 years has had the practical effect of enabling 'bad girl' behavior. This just seems a corner case.

Ares Olympus said...

So the lesson of this moral tale is hating on one woman isn't the same as hating all women?

I confess whenever I hear the word misogynist spoken aloud, it sounds like it has something to do with massage. But I also get mixed up between philanthropist and philanderer. I'd better stick with small words and avoid politics.

Sam L. said...

Blogger Ares Olympus said...

So the lesson of this moral tale is hating on one woman isn't the same as hating all women?

Of course not! It's absolutely positively NOT misogynist to hate Sarah Palin.