Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A Prayer for Charlie Hebdo

Say a prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Then, read Caroline Glick's commentary, posted on Facebook this morning:

11 people so far are dead in the wake of the Islamic slaughter at Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper. Their offense to the tender sensitivities of the religion of peace? The paper published an edition with drawings of Muhammed and made fun the totalitarian creed of Sharia.

I'd like to believe that this will bring the French to their senses. But all evidence to the contrary. The French have done nothing in the wake of every other Islamic outrage. They did nothing when the Muslims torched thousands and thousands of cars in 2005. They did nothing following Mohamed Merah's massacre of French soldiers and Jewish children. They did nothing after Ilan Halimi was tortured and murdered by Islamic monsters. They did nothing after the pogroms of the summer. They did nothing after a Jewish woman was gang raped in her home. They did nothing after jihadists ran over people in their car Jerusalem jihad style.

The socialists won the presidential elections because of the Muslim vote. They can't win without it.

Maybe this will push them over the edge. Maybe they will finally stand up and fight for their country.


Dennis said...

If one cannot recognize or say the name that represents evil then one is destined to succumb to it. Elections have consequences and it would seem that the history of electing socialist governments always winds up doing damage to the society that wants to play with fire because they think they can control it. France, NYC, et al are perfect examples.
In my more cynical moments I wonder if radical Islam is funding feminism, racial incitement (ANSWER,) attacks on police departments and diversity movements? The more they can separate men from women the more they can create volunteers to the cause. What could be a better recruiting tool than a radical feminist?
The same would hold true with the other things I mentioned. It is what I would do if I wanted to weaken a society that had far more capability than mine. The destruction or degradation of a country's culture is the fastest way to defeat it.

Dennis said...