Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama's Brain Conducts Diplomacy

If Karl Rove was Bush’s brain, then Valerie Jarrett must be Obama’s brain.

Jarrett usually remains behind the scenes, but the negative reaction to her and Obama’s decision not to send a high level representative to the Paris march against terrorism forced her to go on television to explain—or rationalize—administration inaction.

There she explained that the administration might have gotten the formality wrong, but it got the substance right. She then called the demonstration, one that drew millions of Frenchmen and women and dozens of political leaders, a “parade.”

Perhaps Jarrett does not know what a parade is. After not sending a high administration official to Paris for the demonstration, calling it a parade added insult to injury.

To top it off, Jarrett explained that Secretary of State John Kerry would soon be traveling to Paris to express the administration’s solidarity with the French government and the French people.

Presumably, that would count as getting the substance right.

By now you probably know, John Kerry is in Paris. Skilled diplomat that he is, master of adult language Kerry announced that he was bringing a “big hug” to the French people.

And he expressed the administration’s true feelings by bringing crooner James Taylor with him.

Why was James Taylor there?

Glad you asked.

He serenaded the French with his somewhat outdated adolescent anthem: “You’ve Got a Friend.”

Thus, the Obama administration has chosen to treat a trusted ally, one whose people have recently suffered two violent terrorist attacks, like a mooning adolescent.

As a sign of resolute determination in the war on terror it left something to be desired.

It’s called doubling down on an insult.


Larry Sheldon said...

When I saw the headline, I immediately thought of "Broca's Brain" which led to a number of speculations and questions, but to my disappointment that was not your agenda.

Cheney may have been "Bush's brain", or one of them--I don't see a problem with a man having a staff of people, each better informed or better skilled in an area--the leader should not be expected, nay, should not be PERMITTTED to be an expert in every area.

Jarrett, on the other hand is not a "brain", she is a puppeteer, following a script written by others--not all of whom are identified publicly.

Ares Olympus said...

re: It’s called doubling down on an insult.

Maybe if you want to see insult, you see insult?

In my world sincerity is worth something, even if it is calculated. My esteem for clumsy John Kerry has been raised.

Thanks James Taylor - you represent our country well.

I remember this song in elementary school choir, and the sentiment is right, even if it feels a little corny.

Dennis said...

I am truly reminded of the "Wizard of OZ." It is so apropos to the Obama administration and its backers. Let me count the ways that I think that John Kerry has done a good job as Secretary of State .............................................nothing yet........... Sadly this might take a while.
The arrogance and condescension is so thick that I am surprised that there are people who cannot see it. Perception is important especially when one is a "day late and a dollar short" so to speak.
" They both look really comfortable. It reminds me of another song, "Charades" and of a matter of course the game and its ideas generator.
Damn now I know where the Obama administrations keeps getting the change in verbiage when caught in a quandary, dissimulation, et al. That is truly apropos. "Feelings."

Anonymous said...

Wasn't "You've Got a Friend" background music for a couple of the beheadings, Ares Olympus?

What? You throwing out that line of BS of yours, in hopes of being killed last?

Guess your brain never left the elementary school choir if your esteem for Kerry rises with cheap, yet overly maudelin tricks like that.

Oh, and send Taylor back to the asylum, he needs a little "tune up", if he thinks that crap passes for diplomacy.

Ares Olympus said...

Anonymous @12:40 PM, Sure, it's a deal. I promise to serenade my sword-bearing assassins with 5th grader acapella karoke skills.

It sounds like a good final request if they grant me one. Who wants a cigarette? Yuck.