Thursday, February 19, 2015

Et tu, NYRB

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Sometimes the important point is how the picture is cropped.

In the case of the New York Review of Books, the cropping speaks volumes.

On January 11 world leaders (minus POTUS) assembled in Paris to demonstrate against Islamist terrorism. Here is the picture of the front row of marchers, appropriately centered on French president Hollande, with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on his right and Palestinian authority leader Abbas to his left.

 Image result for paris demonstration january 13

Then, the gremlins at the NYRB got their hands on the picture and came up with this, via their website.


Note well: Netanyahu has been eliminated from the picture. The president of France is no longer at the center. The cropped image places Mahmoud Abbas, ally of the Hamas terrorists, at the center of the protest. Is Abbas leading the fight against Islamist terror?

Shouldn't the NYRB picture have been captioned: Mahmoud Abbas's Wet Dream?

What were the editors of the august publication thinking? 

It's one more reason for Netanyahu to address Congress.


Sam L. said...

Another leftie magazine, showing why they can't be trusted.

Soviet of Washington said...

Of course the real cropping was of the 'march' picture itself, as it was only a photo-op on a cordoned-off street intended to deceive masses. As the professor likes to's Potemkin villages all the way down.

Soviet of Washington said...

Tablet magazine went them one better:

More Cowbe...Merkel.