Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cropped History

Another day, another cropping scandal. This time, the White House photo of the Selma march cropped former President and Mrs. George W. Bush. One expects as much from the Obama White House, and thus one does not feel disappointed.

Here are the two pictures:

This reminds me, and hopefully not only me, of a previous cropping scandal, dutifully reported on this blog. 

When the New York Review of Books posted a photo of the Paris march against Islamist terrorism it cropped the picture to eliminate Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and to make Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas the center of attention. Aside from the fact that Abbas allied himself with the terrorist organization Hamas, he surely has been responsible for some terrorism himself.

To my knowledge, the NYRB has never answered for its dereliction.

Here is the front row of the Paris march:

Image result for paris demonstration january 13

Here is the New York Review of Books cropped version:


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