Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Deleter of the Free World"

Sometimes a headline says it all:



Dennis said...

Every notice when MRS Clinton, and to a lesser degree MRS Obama, have that persona of "The Queen of Mean?" I have a question here: I thought women were supposed to be capable of multi-tasking. Why is it that Hillary seems incapable of handling more than one email account on her, should be, secure iPhone? These phones can be PIN, finger print, et al protected to keep other people from accessing the information contained there in. Not withstanding Virtual Private Networks "VPN's.) Just the encryption involved would prevent most, maybe even the NSA, from accessing her iPhone.
From what I can see from the knowledge I have in this area there would be no reason for her to carry more than one device to separate, stay connected and meet the obligation of having a record of of those actions. The only reason I can see for doing what MRS Clinton did was to have "plausible deniability" and the ability to erase what MRS Clinton does not want to be a part of the transparency that is supposed to govern all government employees of which MRS Clinton was at the time.
Again, it would seem that the Yale graduate that MRS Clinton is could handle these very easy tasks and I know there are IT people in the State department who would gladly aid in her comprehension. If these tasks are beyond her for what ever reason then why would anyone believe she could handle the presidency?
Though MRS Clinton press conference, in which she made sure the major news outlet were missing, does remind why everything she does turns out badly whether that be Rose Law Firm, Cattle Future, Libya, the Arab Spring, et al.
I am still amazed that something my grandchildren can do with ease and by themselves is beyond Hillary with truly qualified help in meeting the requisites of the job.

Dennis said...

After checking with some of my sources it appears that the federal government is still using Blackberrys. Not sure why, but I think it is the encryption. Still gives MRS Clinton little excuse for not being able to handle more than one thing at a time, especially given that I have heard her talk about both the iPhone and Blackberry.

Sam L. said...

After all, Hillary! is TRHE "SMARTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD (tm)".

Dennis said...

Sam L.,

I wonder if most women realize what a put down calling MRS Clinton "The Smartest Woman in the World) actually is to them? I personally have known a significant number of women far more intelligent than Hilary will ever be.
By the way nothing I have stated before keeps a valid, approved workaround from being created to aid in MRS Clinton's convince and we all know how important her convince is to peace in the world.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

And clearly Elizabeth Warren, like it or not, is smarter than Hillary Clinton. I recall that Alan Dershowitz once said that Elizabeth Warren was the only student he had who was as smart as Ted Cruz!!