Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Is Trump Attacking Trump?

Commenter Dennis points out that, as you listen to Donald Trump’s attack on Ted Cruz you get the uncanny feeling that he is talking about himself.

With the exception of the reference to the Senate, read the exchange Trump had with Chris Wallace and tell me if you do not think that Trump is talking about himself:

TRUMP: I don't think he's qualified to be president.

WALLACE: Why not?

TRUMP: Because I don't think he has the right temperament, the right judgment.

WALLACE: What's wrong with his temperament?

TRUMP: Look at the way he's dealt with the Senate, where he goes in there, frankly like a bit of a maniac. You never get things done that way.

I built a phenomenon business, I'm worth many billions of dollars, I have some of the greatest assets anywhere in the world. You can't walk into the Senate and scream and call people liars and not be able to cajole and get along with people.

He'll never get anything done. that's the problem with Ted. 

Mark it down: unqualified, not having the right temperament, acting like a bit of a maniac, calling people liars (and fools and idiots), not getting along with people. Who does that describe? 

As for getting things done, Trump tells us that because he built a business he will necessarily know how to get things done in Washington. And since he has insulted just about everyone of note in Washington, they will all necessarily want to do business with him. And since he does not know very much about the law, about foreign policy, about the military, about legislation, about economic policy… he will make good deals in Washington and around the world.


Sculman said...

Fabricating steel, glass, concrete, dealing with the never ending epidemic of NYC's crooked politicians, real estate lawyer thieves, and their foreign counterparts overseas, and everything else needed to build the beautiful buildings he's built from Manhattan to Dubai, leads me to believe he has the potential to surround himself with the experts who can get projects accomplished.

Excuse me, but what the hell has Marco Rubio, besides being an incredible bullshit artist, supremely confident on his feet and smooth as silk in front of TV cameras, ever done in his life, to actually believe that he merits the Presidency of The United States? Another asshole U.S. Senator running around the country who five years ago was a Florida State Legislator? Are you *#^%ING KIDDING ME?

Aren’t we just getting over the last genius with those kind of credentials? Are we that stupid?

The same for Cruz, Christie, the eye doctor with the bad wig, the brain surgeon, and all the rest of them.

The elite professional Republican and Democrat class, who’ve made a life out of telling us how it should be in this country, have had decades to secure our borders and have done absolutely bupkis.
Have brokered trade deals that have de-industrialized this country and tore out the heart of middle class.
The elites of both parties are the ones who took us to war, destroyed whatever weird culture used to hold the cesspool that is the Middle East together, cost us trillions of dollars, killed thousands and wounded tens of thousands of the best of America.


What they have collectively done to this country, and the frustration they have produced about any decent future for millions of AMERICAN CITIZENS is a *%#ING SHAME!

They deserve the rebellion they have brought down on themselves and THAT is why Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and next President of The United States.

I hope it brings about a mass Washington Beltway suicide.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Well written... thank you for that. Who was it that said that we get the leaders we deserve. Be that as it may, we all feel somewhat that there should be a plague on both their houses, but you are saying that since we have been governed by some inferior chess players what we need now is someone who has never played chess but who is great at bridge.

priss rules said...

I think Trump's shtick is he can be outrageous and act like a maverick... but when the time comes, he can make the best deal.

Trump works on that paradox, i.e. he can get along and make better deals precisely because he is 'out of control' and knows how to bluff and huff and puff. You gotta have balls to play ball.

To negotiate, you have to push hard before easing up and sealing the deal.

And he thinks he has experience because he has dealt with businessmen and politicians all his life. And he sees politicians as businessmen, whores really. He may be right on that score.

But I don't trust him because he is essentially a personality and celebrity running on ego.

Scullman said...

Yeah, Trump is a celebrity.

And Jeb isn't? Tell me, what chance would he have to win a N.Y.State Assembly seat in Herkimmer County New York, never mind the Presidency, if his last name was Branch and not Bush.

I'll help you out on this one. Zero.

They are all celebrities and personalities and political whores who would say anything for a vote. And outside of that, professionally trained, experienced, talking gas bags full of bullshit promises, and obsessed with their own egos and political destiny.

And that's it.

Ask yourself, what's their alternative? To end up back out here with you and me in the private sector? Are you insane? That's a fate worse than death.

Oh, wait. You'd rather believe they "feel called" to serve the "American people" To "give back" to "this great country"?

How old are you, again?

With Trump you know the whore you're getting. No secrets. And he knows how, and ENJOYS getting shit done.

He actually likes to work. Blow me down.

With Trump you'd also get the added bonus foreign affairs reputation that George W. Bush had for about 15 minutes: The rest of this screwed up world would be absolutely scared shitless of what he might do. Putin wouldn't fart in our direction (You can take that to the bank). And after the arc-light B-52 strike on Raqqa,Syria (ala Tora-Borra) ISIS would get the message (and they wouldn't be getting warning pamphlets first, either).

We might even end up with a country with real borders. My God, how cruel.

IVF Center in Punjab said...

This is such a raw and honest post. Thank you so much for sharing.

Dennis said...

Suffice it to state that anyone on that stage last night would be better than Hillary and Obama. Now the real question is who can get elected and ensure that the House and Senate stay in Republican hands? All the business smarts or pretty buildings in the world isn't worth a damn if you cannot win.
There is not one republican candidate I could not find real problems with, but the real problem is Hillary or whoever becomes the democrat candidate. If one is so wrapped up in one candidate that they would ensure Hillary the presidency then they are not truly serious about taking this country back.
I would vote for whomever becomes the Republican candidate because I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF OBAMA. I would suggest the intelligent voter is going to have to pick their poison because none of these candidates for president are perfect. All this hatred of the other Republicans on serves to strengthen Hillary. Again if one cannot beat Hillary then what's the purpose. I suspect that even Trump could beat Hillary especially if he becomes more presidential in his demeanor which he does seem to be gradually doing. His real strength up till now is that he has served as a catalyst for forcing people to deal with the issues we should be looking to solve. Sometimes one has to be ludicrous to point out the ludicrous.
Just a note here is that Obama won because far too many people stayed home to the detrimate of this country. Your principle is not worth a damn if those who think differently win. How many rights do you want to give up? Yes I would like to vote for someone in my life time, but I suspect it will always be that I am voting agains't someone like Obama and Hillary.

Ares Olympus said...

Dennis: Just a note here is that Obama won because far too many people stayed home to the detrimate [detriment] of this country.

I was curious. It is true that Bush got 1.1 million more votes in 2004 than Romney got in 2012, but Obama's two term votes are historic tops, even if 3.5 million of his 2008 supports stayed home in 2012.

I admit if Hillary becomes the Democrat nominee, we might hope her get-out-the-vote excitment "top" might be 60 million, if only the republicans were to pick another vulture capitalist to attract the independent voters.

I'm willing to have Trump beat Hillary, if only we get another 2000m where Trump wins the electors and Hillary wins the popular vote. I like maximum chaos.

Obama 65,915,796, Romney 60,933,500

Obama 69,498,516, McCain 59,948,323

Kerry: 59,028,444 Bush 62,040,610

Gore 50,999,897 , Bush 50,456,002

Marsh said...

Well said, Sculman! Oh, Trump is calling people w/ power names!! Oh the horror! Meanwhile we've (we the people) have been lied to repeatedly to by the people we've put in power. The GOPe have promised to a number of things if we only elect them into office. And what have they done? Handed everything Obama has wanted on a silver platter. Did you see what Paul Ryan and the GOP run congress just gave us?

And people are up in arms b/c Trump is calling his opponents names? Really? Should we get them a fainting couch? Grow up and get some perspective!

I'd rather the country be run by one billionaire, we can hold accountable, then by 100 billionaires we can't. Every person running are obligated to do their donor's bidding save one!

Yeah, Trump is a maniac b/c he won't play by the left's rules! That's just crazy, isn't it?

Marsh said...

Also, Stuart, it's not that those in charge of us are inferior chess players, they are playing for the other team. They aren't playing on behalf of our best interest, they are playing to line their own pockets and hurt us in the process. I don't understand how any conservative cannot be mad as hell at our elected officials.

The idea that Trump cant play chess is laughable when you consider he's singlehandedly beating, the GOP establishment, the media and fourteen other candidates. It's almost as funny that you think this is accidental or just dumb luck. If their is a better candidate let him or her demonstrate it by beating Trump.

Marsh said...

If THERE is a better... not their