Thursday, December 31, 2015

Political Correctness Run Amok

Now, here’s a Top Ten List that’s really funny. Of at least, it would be hilariously funny if it were not so pathetic.

Apparently, America’s college students have not sense of how they look to the outside world. They have long since abandoned any concern with maintaining a good reputation. Evidently, they do not care if anyone, anywhere ever hires them. They seem to be competing to see who can be the most absurd, the most ridiculous, the most demented.

If they had entered a contest to see who can best reduce political correctness to utter absurdity and make themselves look like complete fools, they would be doing a great job.

Karin Agness has collected a Top Ten List of  "Most Ridiculous College Protests of 2015.”

Read it for the humor; it will make your day. Otherwise you will find yourself overcome with pessimism about the future.

If you would like a sample, here are two:

10. UC San Diego Students “Free the Nipple”

9. California Polytechnic University Students Hold A “Shit-In”

If you consult the article you will discover what these students were protesting. 


Dennis said...

Those who live by social media may be destined to die by social media. This following story may be a good sign at the very least:

No political correctness demonstrated here.

This will probably have a significant number of college students running for safe rooms: And here I did not know it had words.

priss rules said...

Sam L. said...

I'd heard of Free The Nipple. The trouble with gender-neutral bathrooms is "One stall, Waiting Required". Or, "Gender Neutral: Warning, you may not like what you see in there."

Andrew_M_Garland said...

There are five groups of people involved here.

Tenured Professors who are leftists: They encourage the protests, and are not concerned about the job prospects of the privileged white students they teach. They may be concerned about the minority students, but these professors think that these protests will be improving minority lives in the future. Universities say that they are not offering job training, but soul expansion.

Non-Tenured Professors and staff: Either remain silent or support the tenured lefties in order to advance. Their jobs are not affected by the job prospects of the students.

Administrators: Got their positions being leftist protesters. They advise and encourage the students. Their jobs are not in danger from protests.

Protesting Students: Are cannon-fodder in the social wars. They receive enouragment from everyone in direct contact. Any criticism comes from the supposed biggots and evil Republicans who distort society. They are told that they are sinful and privileged. This is their chance to expiate their sins. This is much more important than joining the corporate rat-race in an oppressive society. A few will become college administrators and professors.

Quiet Students: Have too much to lose in opposing protests. They go along to get along and are acquiring the credentials to get a job. They won't be hurt much.

Dennis said...


You are forgetting the growing number of people in and outside of academe who are fighting back that do not fall into your defined groups.. One example:

The pendulum swings, but despite the best efforts of the Left it will swing back. This is what you are seeing now. Would one expect to see a young woman write this given what seems to be where the culture is now? It would seem that that DJT has snookered Hillary and the media again.
i will posit that in 2016 we will see a large counter attack agains't the Left and most of the PC/Social Justice crowd who will be forced ever into STFU mode because they lack the intellectual capacity to defend their positions. It just takes people to stand up to those who would control them. people who need "safe rooms" and all the other accouterments of fear are NOT going to be leaders.

Groups like FIRE are making great strides.