Thursday, February 11, 2016

Good Bye, Europe

If you had thought that by now Europe would have come to its senses and put a stop to the influx of Muslim immigrants, you would be wrong. In fact, the Washington Post reports, the wave of immigrants and refugees is accelerating, not declining.

The Post reports:

Europe is in crisis mode.

Inundated by a historic wave of migrants and refugees — some of them implicated in criminal activity — countries across the continent are tightening their borders and imposing policies to limit the flow of new arrivals.

Greece’s defense minister on Tuesday called on Turkey to let foreign authorities into its waters to stop migrants, many of whom have died on the dangerous journey through the Mediterranean Sea.

New data from the International Organization for Migration reveals the depth of the problem: Sometime next month, it expects Greece, home to roughly 11 million people, to receive its millionth migrant since the start of 2015.

Just a few days into February, the 2016 migrant influx already dramatically dwarfs that of early 2015.

The number of migrants estimated to have traversed Mediterranean waters to Europe through Feb. 7 is more than six times larger than the number who traveled that same route by the end of February last year, according to IOM data.

If you prefer a chart:


True enough, Western political leaders are trying to do something. One must say that they have not, as of now, been very effective at closing borders. And one also understands that they are beginning to see the perils of multiculturalism. Still, many Europeans believe that their countries need to do more to assimilate the refugees and to understand their different culture.

They ignore the fact that there is strength in numbers. More immigrants means more difficulties assimilating them. If you can continue to function under the rules that pertain in the old culture, you are less likely to try to adopt the new rules of a new culture.

But, that only pertains if they want to assimilate. Most immigrants come from a culture that does not see them as refugees fleeing a dying civilizing and seeking handouts. It tells them that they are culture warriors invading an alien and inferior culture in order to remake it in the image of Islam. And, as invaders they have the right to loot, pillage, rape and murder as they wish. After all they see themselves as a conquering army.


Ares Olympus said...
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Ares Olympus said...

Stuart: Most immigrants come from a culture that does not see them as refugees fleeing a dying civilizing and seeking handouts. It tells them that they are culture warriors invading an alien and inferior culture in order to remake it in the image of Islam. And, as invaders they have the right to loot, pillage, rape and murder as they wish. After all they see themselves as a conquering army.

In social psychology, attribution is the process of inferring the causes of events or behaviors. In real life, attribution is something we all do every day, usually without any awareness of the underlying processes and biases that lead to our inferences.

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Dennis said...

I wonder when most of us get to say, "I told you what would happen."? Between Hillary and European feminists we have a perfectly defined example of what happens when feminists run thing. NOTE, I did not say women, but feminists. Example of the hypocrisy feminism always creates:
If Obama and feminists were not doing so much damage this might be a tad bit humorous, but poor logic always leads to far more death and destruction. Once one creates the idea that life has no value at one end of life then it is easy to justify death at the other end of life with I might add the same poor reasoning. Then it follows that those who have opposing opinions are subject to death and destruction, especially given facile explanation for killing an American without all those Constitution protections he seems to want to give everyone except actual citizens of the country. Maybe its me, but I am constantly left wondering whose side Obama is on?
European feminists have so affected the birth rate that, much like Sparta, there will be so few actual Germans, et al that they will cease to be countries even as their culture die far earlier. Feminists are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Live by the abortion die by the abortion. A side point here, Sparta through infanticide, abortion, et al, did so much to destroy the birth rate that in the end they were only able to field a 1000 warriors of Spartan heritage, There must be a point in there for us to glean?
The one saving grace here for Americans is that most of the ME countries, not the Israelis, are suffering this problem far quicker. It is why Iran is seeking hegemony over the ME now while it still can.

Dennis said...

One of these days a few people may have an original thought and I will be left wondering if it was a mistake , a blind squirrel finding an acorn or the first step to intellectual growth.

Marsh said...

This is a really good piece about how the pathology in Europe hasn't changed...