Monday, February 1, 2016

Where Have All the Men Gone?

In all fairness—to me—I’ve been saying this all along. I’ve been warning about the dangers of a feminized culture, of a feminist-dominant culture that is unremittingly hostile to men and to masculine virtues. I’ve been saying that Europe’s problem with immigration, its shameful willingness to allow foreign men to rape, assault and molest its women is a logical consequence of the feminist attacks on manliness.

Now, a famous Danish columnist, one Iben Thranholm makes the same point, vigorously.

Thranholm asserts:

Pundits and politicians assure the public that refugee males now storming the gates of Europe from the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia will be required to learn that Western women are independent and sexually liberated. Such arguments, however, are obviously too weak to have any impact on the male cultures representative of certain refugee groups.

To these individuals, strong European women are ‘easy’ and easy victims; they have respect only for strong men – and strong men aren't exactly thick on the ground in Europe.

The deficiency of masculinity in European culture renders it impotent in the face of the political and cultural chaos that has escalated along with growing immigration.

I would add one qualifier here. The male cultures that are represented in the tidal wave of immigrants are failed cultures, cultures whose men have failed in competition, have failed in combat and who have failed to provide for their families.

Europe’s feminized men are being overpowered by men who are reduced to showing off their ersatz manliness by abusing the wives and daughters of the men who have over time out-competed them.

It reminds one of Palestinian terrorism against Israel. Since Palestinians seem incapable of building anything of value, they can only assert their power by deconstructing what the Israelis have built. It is ignominious, but it appeals to the weak feminists of Europe. One notes that Europe's feminized cultures consistently blame Israel for the problem with the Palestinians and seem especially torqued that the Israelis have not yet surrendered.

One notes that the immigrant men do not think that the strength differential between men and women is a social construct. They are not impressed by the fact that everyone in the decadent West has learned never to talk of a woman without saying that she is strong and empowered. Somehow or other, calling women strong and empowered does not make them as strong as Muslim immigrant men.

Thranholm continues:

Instead of a single-minded focus on imposing liberal feminist values on Muslim males, it might well be much more beneficial for Europeans to consider if the feminist war on masculinity might be the underlying cause of the weakness of European culture - feeble and defenseless as it is - against the culture of immigrants and refugees. The irony is that the vacuum feminism has created means that women become victims of an aggressive male culture.

Feminized cultures are unwilling to fight. They are unwilling to defend themselves. They try to soothe the savage immigrants with kindness and indulgence:

The massive feminization of culture has had a major impact on politics. The prevailing ideology of Western liberal democracy is secular humanism, which is particularly feminine in character. Policy, especially as applied to immigrants, is a motherly embrace of goodness and overbearing indulgence. One could also interpret it as naivety, weakness and accommodation. As the refugee crisis erupted and overwhelmed Europe, its political leaders - spearheaded by German Chancellor Angela Merkel - acted like timid mother hens, not as strong men responsible for guarding their country from an invasion…

The feminine approach threatens to throw society into chaos and outright collapse because the rule of law and its enforcement are made subject to the priorities of care, understanding and inclusion. The shortage of masculine virtues affects society and the political system. The shortage of masculine virtues is the underlying cause of the immigration problems.

Of course, this feminine approach is based in ideology. The leftist ideologues who control the marketplace of ideas believe that violence is caused by oppression, that violence is a just punishment for colonialist and imperialist aggressions and that if only white men stop oppressing the rest of the world everyone will live in peace and harmony.

Ironically, Thranholm says that the feminized and feminist Europe is acting like a battered woman:

At the moment, Europe resembles a woman who allows herself to be battered and abused by her man. Like many battered women, she tries to cover her man's violations, makes excuses for him, and returns to him time after time.

It’s not just men who have been diminished and demeaned by European feminism. Women too, especially the leaders of places like Germany and Sweden, have been dispossessed of their dignity and self-respect. Ideology will do that to you.


David Foster said...

Watching the BBC miniseries based on Tolstoy's "War and Peace." Pierre, who has become very wealthy as a result of an inheritance, invites an old friend, an impoverished combat veteran, into his home. The friend repays Pierre's hospitality by seducing Pierre's wife (who wasn't all that fond of Pierre in the first place) while contemptuously eating food off Pierre's plate.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

Excellent comment... and excellent show.

Marsh said...

Another good post. I'm on a crusade now to speak up for men and against feminism! Not just in my personal life (I've always done that) but I'm speaking out on any articles I find on the internet too.

David Foster, that sounds like a great show. I must look for it!

Dennis said...

A great commentary. I linked to it in an earlier commentary of yours. Until we understand that this is a clash of cultures we will constantly be losing the battle.

Until we learn to love who we are and love what the other gender brings to our existence and survival we will never truly learn to love each other. We have two genders for a reason and any time society upset that delicate balance we will be left with chaos and ultimately the destruction of our culture. That balance has nothing to do with people being the best they can be.

David Foster said...'s available streaming on Amazon.

Marsh said...

Oh I agree, Dennis! Thank you, David. :)

A-Bax said...

Men Invade, Women Invite.

Illuminating blog-post with that title below. (Warning: crass-language website)

The Million Muslim Mob was let in on a whim by Angela Merkel. The European rule-of-law was suspended by her passing, fleeting fancy (which I'm sure she now regrets). I guarantee you, GUARANTEE, that if Merkel weren't barren, she would not have done this.

Marsh - will definitely help to have more women publicly disavowing feminism. It hs devolved into a toxic miasma which eats away at the vigor of society.

Shaun F said...

Very astute post. Glad you can see it. Too many people have drank gallons of metaphoric ideological Kool Aid. And the "men" are reduced to weak enablers.

Ares Olympus said...

Its a most curious argument. Feminists are reverting to their origins by their self-contradictions so now they want to be robbed, beaten and raped.

And its not just the fundamentalist Muslims who will gladly step up to this manly task of beating on the weaker sex. Even the conservative Christians are willing to abuse women, but its okay, because its in the name of disciplining them. Spare the rod, spoil the woman and all that.
Chelsea and her husband Clint, who asked that I use only their first names, belong to a small subculture of religious couples who practice “Christian Domestic Discipline,” a lifestyle that calls for a wife to be completely submissive to her husband.

Referred to as CDD by its followers, the practice often includes spanking and other types corporal punishments administered by husbands—and ostensibly ordained by God. While the private nature of the discipline makes it difficult to estimate the number of adherents, activity in several online forums suggests a figure in the low thousands. Devotees call CDD an alternative lifestyle and enthusiastically sing its praises; for critics, it’s nothing but domestic abuse by another name.

The world just makes more sense, when women submit to men, and men are redeemed by showing mercy, as long as the women behave themselves.

All problems occur in the world because men abdicated their responsibilities as heads of their family, heads of corporations, heads of churches, heads of states and countries.

Its time the European men stop listening to what the feminists say they want, and giving them when they really want.

Ares Olympus said...

p.s. The mankind project is one group that is attempting to strengthen individual men to clarify their personal mission in life, and how that can be integrated within the wider culture.

Anonymous said...

"Feminized cultures are unwilling to fight. They are unwilling to defend themselves. They try to soothe the savage immigrants with kindness and indulgence"

And here we have the spectacle of the House minority leader in tears at an address to Congress by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and a cunt poised to become president telling us we have to empathize with our enemies.

Better get a gun. It will be every man for himself. Let the cunts fend for themselves.

Anonymous said...

"I would add one qualifier here... Europe’s feminized men are being overpowered by men who are reduced to showing off their ersatz manliness by abusing the wives and daughters of the men who have over time out-competed them. It reminds one of Palestinian terrorism against Israel."

Yes, failed men exploit and abuse women.

It is failed men who control porn and prostitution that feed on underclass women who are used as strippers and sex entertainers.

All good men need to unite against failed men who would degrade women through rape or the culture of sexual debauchery.

And while these men are common in Central Asia and North Africa, they also exist among Western men who need to be civilized into success than act like lunatics at Spring Breaks.

Sam L. said...

Multi-culti uber alles, priss.