Thursday, April 14, 2016

Racial Healing, Obama-style

Many of those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 believed that his election would heal the nation’s racial divide. Many of those who did not vote for Obama thought that America could pat itself on the back for casting a vote that overcame the nation’s racial divide.

After all, the racial divide was the biggest problem facing the nation at that time, right?

Of course, they were all wrong. Obama has been a divider, not a uniter. His attitude, his actions, his policies have aggravated the nation’s racial divide. All that racial healing you were expecting… forget about it.

The Washington Times reports that race relations under Obama are at an all time low:

President Obama may have campaigned on a platform of healing the nation’s racial wounds, but according to a new Gallup survey released on Monday, those wounds have only festered under his watch.

Thirty-five percent of people in the survey said they worry “a great deal” about the state of race relations in America, the highest the poll has reported since it began asking the question in 2001. That number is also up from 28 percent in 2015 and has more than doubled since 2014, when just 17 percent of Americans said they were extremely anxious about racial strife in America.

The perception of worsening race relations was actually stronger among black people in the survey, which showed that 53 percent of black people and 27 percent of white people saying they were worried about race relations. But in 2014 31 percent of black people and 14 percent of white people said that.

Of course, Obama was trying to turn blacks against whites and whites against blacks, he has been a rousing success. Rev. Jeremiah Wright must be proud.


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Perception: American race relations are getting worse.

Reality: Employment opportunity for qualified black members of the American workforce has never been better.

Why is it that the perception is so much worse?

Because Barack Obama and the Democrat Party need the perception to continue, and they fuel it at every turn. "Race is everything" is one of the core dogmas of the Church of Liberal Pieties. America is a bad place, conceived in sin, with no possibility of redemption. Question such dogma at your peril.

If the Democrat Party nominee gets in a pinch sometime during the general election cycle, is there any doubt she will throw the race card in some form? Hillary has a whole deck of cards, one for each piece of identity politics in the Democrat coalition. And the Republican Party will cower, saying "Oh no, not us! Please, let us explain..." Repeat.

Meanwhile, in black urban centers run by monolithic Democrat governments, public school education has never been worse. The results speak for themselves. No education, no opportunity. No justice, no peace. Correlation? Where is the marching in the streets for these abysmal public schools? Why have no schools burned to the ground?

Perhaps some politicians gain from these problems. If racial peace is what we want, we'd make it a priority. It is not Barack Obama's priority. He doesn't want jobs, he wants healthcare that is less affordable and available. He doesn't want world peace, he wants to heal the planet under the banner of a sham theory. He protects the religion of peace, while requiring nuns to accept his vision of reproductive health. Don't pay attention to his words, pay attention to his choices.

Sculman said...

Interesting that Rove is concerned about "vanity" all of a sudden. You mean the kind of vanity his old boss is responsible for, in the deaths and maimings of thousands of America's best citizens, for his vain pursuit of Saddam Hussein?

As far as I know, Trump's vanity hasn't ended the lives of over four thousand dead U.S. military for nothing.

Absolutely, positively, nothing. If I could reach out and smack that vain, pasty faced, fat fuck, Karl Rove right in his mush, it would be my distinct pleasure.

But that's one hell of a fucking long line.

Anonymous said...

Sculman: You're commenting on the wrong post. And restrain yourself with the F-bombs, please. There are children about.

Sam L. said...

As the puppy-blending Prof. Reynolds keeps reprinting this: Jon Gabriel's "The thing I like most about Obama is all the racial healing."

Ares Olympus said...

I don't know if quoting the Loony Times is the best way to sell an argument.

It is an interesting question - whether progress is measured by greater suppression of problems, or greater awareness of it.

In my mind blacks should be upset that they and their children can be shot dead tomorrow by law enforcement officers, just for looking dangerous and black. We might all feel better if we just pretended this wasn't true.

Stil, knowing this is true can make some blacks angry, and some will act worse, knowing injustice, than if they just blamed themselves for all their problems and assumed they were 100% responsible for not having equal opportunity.

Many people were happy with slavery, and if you asked Lincoln if people were happy with his civil war, I'm sure many people would prefer if he had simply offered appeasement to the south and tried not to rock the boat.

Blacks are inferior after all, so why would they want freedom? They had free health care under slavery after all. Cradle to Grave socialism, why rock the boat?

Sam L. said...

Ares, it's not the suppression of problems, but correcting/alleviating/eliminating them. What happens then is one or more new problems come to the fore for addressing. Also, we have people who will rail and fulminate against the most minor of inconveniences, simply because they can.