Saturday, April 30, 2016

Vive la France!

Woman arrested in France after she asked police officers to check the purity of her cocaine because 'she didn't want people to die of an overdose'
  • The woman entered the police station and produced three bags of drugs 
  • She asked if the cocaine powder and crack cocaine was pure in quality 
  • The stunned French police officers took her into custody and a court ordered her to attend a hearing in January

Vive la France!


Shaun F said...

Hmmm....It would have been helpful if a name had been printed. Omissions like that I presume are deliberate and make me suspect.

Ares Olympus said...

Shaun thinks like me.

Here's another article.
Claiming that she "wanted to know if it was good quality as she didn't want people to die of an overdose," the woman, who was known to officers for previous drug offences, was immediately arrested.

The woman, from the Arnaud Bernard district of Toulouse, told officers she had bought the drugs on the internet.

She has since been released from custody, and has been ordered appear in court in January 2017 on drug possession charges.

Apparently you can buy drugs on the internet. But how do you get quality assurance?

Street drugs might be yet safer since you can see the person who is poisoning you with bath salts.

priss rules said...

Let them smoke crack.