Sunday, September 25, 2016


Left-thinking New Yorkers are having a nervous breakdown. They are rushing to their therapists to talk through their deep anguish and despair over the current election. Most especially, they are torqued over the candidacy of someone who is… dare I point it out… one of their own.

Read the headline on the Slate story:

Fear, Anxiety, and Depression in the Age of Trump

Therapists and their patients are struggling to cope amid the national nervous breakdown that is the 2016 election.

Fear, anxiety and depression… that’s a trifecta.

Struggling to cope… with what, exactly? With a possibility, with an eventuality. And, why are the therapists also struggling to cope? Do they too suffer from fear, anxiety and depression? If so, what good has therapy done for them?

Evidently, these patients do not know that we are not living in the Age of Trump. We are living in the Age of Obama. Perhaps they are displacing their anguish over the current state of the nation… away from the person responsible to the person they can denounce to their left-thinking therapists.

Trust me, a patient who goes to a therapist’s office to rail about Obama will be denounced as a racist and be told that he needs to spend five years on the couch.

Besides, isn’t Trump the embodiment of New York values? Isn’t Trump really a liberal Democrat disguised as a Republican? You cannot walk too many blocks in New York City without seeing the name Trump… in giant letters. How did it happen that all of these left-thinking New Yorkers gave it nary a thought when the Donald was among them, but now feel pangs of anguish… to the point of suffering from Trumpophobia… when they think of their man in the White House?

One suspects that they are worried that they will not see honest Hillary, strong and empowered, unable to walk up the steps on her, stumble her way into the White House. The Age of Obama now gives us a terrorist attack or a riot every week or so. Just think of how it will be with tough-talking mealy mouthed Hillary!

A bomb goes off in Chelsea. No problem. Donald Trump... oh, my God!!!

All therapy patients know in their hearts that Hillary is stronger than the man of steel. What do you want to bet that, if she is elected, she will quickly have the opportunity to show how tough she is? After all, the weak-kneed Obama, master of the art of surrender, has made us more vulnerable. Now, all we need, to rouse our enemies, is tough Hillary.

No wonder these patients are going to therapy. They don’t know what they are afraid of.


Trigger Warning said...

To prove that Hillary is the equal of any man, including the Trumpster, she demands a man either build her a raised platform to stand on, or a custom short podium to stand behind.

Harrison Bergeron, call your office.


I'm with Her. Grease the decline.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Well said.

I suspect they want to tell their friends -- or anyone who will listen -- that they sought professional help to deal with their irrational fear of Donald J. Trump, who they think is a stupid, silly lunatic. I wonder if they see professional counseling about the homeless man who pisses all over their building and demands money from them every day. Or yes, the real Islamist lunatics who want to kill.

It's good news for the professionals. After all, the meter is running. "Let's talk about your feelings on this topic..."

Sam L. said...


Ares Olympus said...

I do find is strange people are personally afraid of Trump, even if he can imagine walking down the street and shooting a random person dead, and still rise in the polls, because his followers are THAT loyal. I know, its hyperbole, not to be taken literally, and we hope his followers agree.

And I agree, if Donald Trump was currently running for the president as a Democrat, he'd be denouncing the NRA as a bunch of crazies and calling for "common sense gun reform" to keep our streets safe. And so on...

What I'm afraid of is that Trump has the temperament and attention span of a 4 year old, that and the fact that he instantly believes anything that comes out his mouth, and will double-down on it if you question him. And there's no credible reality to anything he says. It's like a game to him or something, like a joy at having complete freedom to imagine what's true and run with that.

A person that clueless is surely manipulatable by friends and enemies alike, for their own fun and profit, although its still a high a gamble to anyone who wants to play with him. We don't want that sort of person as president.

Yes, we survived GWB's tax cuts based on known bad projections and two unfunded wars, so surely we can survive a president Trump, or at least some of us will.

And I do still think this next recession will make this new president, whomever he/she is, a one term president, even if the opposition party does nothing but stand back and watch things implode. You don't even have to do active sabotage any more. The whole game board has already been set up to crash whatever the next president does or doesn't do.

So I say the 2020 election is the real year to fear. Still, no need for therapy, maybe talk to a good life coach about how to get your own household in order before the bigger one falls, and your opportunities to choose things are gone.

Trigger Warning said...

I spoke with my Investment Coach last week. He has a strong buy on ammunition and canned goods based on the likely ascendance of a President "Crosseyes" Clinton being carried onto the world stage. I can't wait until The Beast is converted into an armored sedan chair.

I'm with Her. Grease the decline.