Friday, October 7, 2016

Hillary's Girl Huma

If people were paying any attention, they would be positively shocked to discover that Huma Abedin, daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood, would harbor negative attitudes toward Jews.

Most American Jews will not hold it against Hillary that her senior advisor and BFF indulged in an anti-Semitic slur. After all, they had no problem putting Jeremiah Wright’s protégé in the White House. Why should they care about Huma? Or Hillary, for that matter?

In question is Huma’s express attitude toward the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC. In 2009 Bill Clinton had been invited to speak before the group. The group leans right but that has always been very friendly to Bill Clinton.

Speaking for the then-Secretary of State, Huma recommended to Doug Band, WJC’s assistant, that the former president reject the invitation. Here is the email exchange, via Time Magazine:

The email exchange started with Band writing Abedin that Bill Clinton was hesitant to attend the AIPAC forum that year.

“Aipac begging for wjc to come speak at conference. He doesn’t think he should unless you all do,” Band wrote to Abedin and Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s former chief of staff.

Mills said it was up to Hillary and she would check with the secretary of state.

Meantime, Abedin wrote: “U really want to consider sending him into that crowd?”

Band pressed for an answer: “Go or not go?”

Abedin responded: “No go to aipac.”

To Huma and presumably Hillary a leading Israeli lobbying organization is “that crowd.” The slur is obvious. No one will notice. Fewer will care.

The only question is: which is worse: whether Huma decided this herself or whether Hillary made the decision?

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Sam L. said...

If Hill, worse. Huma, we'd expect it, given her history.