Friday, October 7, 2016

Most Working Mothers Would Rather Stay at Home

You would think that women would have gotten the message. Feminists have been telling them for more than four decades now that their lives are worthless if they do not have careers.

They are allowed to have children, but they must not—underscored—become stay-at-homes mothers. According to feminism, a woman’s ultimate indignity is to be a homemaker and to make dinner for her children.

But, women see it otherwise. If they have young children at home they would rather stay at home than to have a job outside of the home. In truth, many of the women who leave home to go to work do not really have the choice. Most women who have the option choose to stay at home and to spend more time with their children.

It’s their judgment of what is best for them and for their families and for their children. Who could object to that?

Slate reports on the alarming statistics:

The majority of American women with kids under age 18 would rather stay home as a full-time parent than work a job outside the home, according to a Gallup poll of more than 323,500 Americans. A new reporton women and work in the U.S. says that 54 percent of mothers who currently have full- or part-time employment would prefer to have a “homemaker role” instead. Of mothers who don’t currently work outside the home, 57 percent like their current arrangement, while 37 percent would rather find external employment.

The weird thing is, fathers did not share this preference for homemaking! Seventy percent of both employed and unemployed men with kids said they wanted to work outside the home. Gallup doesn’t give us any clues about the reasoning of these moms and dads—whatever could explain this gendered divergence of opinion?

As one might expect Slate’s report is written by a feminist dimwit. In her view this has happened because of failed government policies and whatever. It would all be solved by free childcare. Because most women do not care who is bringing up their children… as long as they can spend more time in the office. I will not regale you with her non-reasoning.

I will merely point out that she is a zealot and takes for granted, without question the dogma that women MUST work outside of the home. She believes that if they do not they are going to be miserably unhappy forever. And they will have betrayed the Revolution. We can’t have that, can we?

This means that she never considers the possibility that women might choose freely to stay at home to spend more time bringing up their children. Feminists disrespect mothers who choose to live their lives by something other than the feminist playbook.

As you know, the feminist slogan free-to-choose only applies to how not to have a child. When a woman is faced with the option of spending more time at work or more time with her child, she is not free to choose. She must choose what feminists want her to choose. If she does not, the solution must be yet another government program.

Disrespecting women and their free choice is a rarely-noted hallmark of contemporary feminism.


Sam L. said...

It's that "betrayed the Revolution" that just burns them up. Difference of opinion, dissent, and worst of all, opposition (The HORROR!!!!! The horror...) is the weasel in their henhouse.

Slate writers and readers cannot comprehend that there might possibly be a difference between the (TRIGGER WARNING) sexes.

"Disrespecting women and their free choice is a rarely-noted hallmark of contemporary feminism." Among feminists, particularly, and leftists, generally.

Anonymous said...

Totalitarian / Leftist / Utopian ideologies have always known that traditional familes are their major threat.

The animus has partially succeeded in the West.

Hence, the gradual "withering away" of their populations. Oddly enough, w/Italy & Spain in the vanguard.

It's happened in Japan, too. The reasons there are, to me, inscrutable. Japan is a civilization unto itself.

Without an intense, deeply-internalized raison d'etre (sp), how could it be otherwise?

Demographic Suicide. -- Rich Lara