Monday, December 26, 2016

Should We Withdraw from the UN?

Of course, it was not just Obama’s perfidy on display at the United Nations Security Council last Friday. Other members states obediently voted to side with terrorists over the Middle East’s only functioning free market democracy.

Remind us, what has the United Nations done to stop the bloodbath in Syria? While hundreds of thousands of Syrians are slaughtered, the high and mighty Obama administration, led by the useless Samantha Power—who made a career out of going into high dudgeon over genocide—has allowed the UN to censure Israel.

If the UN is nothing more than a cabal to blame the world’s problems on Jews, what use does it really serve?

Politicians from both sides of the American political aisle have declared their intention to start depriving the UN of American funds. We will see how many of them are willing to cast a vote against this superannuated institution. I am assuming that it ever served a purpose.

Daniel Greenfield makes the case (via Maggie’s Farm):

After an extended, and no doubt costly, visit to the region, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women blamed Muslim men beating their wives on Israeli settlements.

No wonder the UN Security Council just condemned them. Who wouldn’t rightfully be upset that Jews living in Jerusalem somehow causes poor Mohammed to batter his wife?

The Jewish State is the UN’s scapegoat for anything and everything. The Palestinian Authority blamed Israel at the UN for Global Warming. WHO denounced Israel for violating “health rights.” And even when Muslim terrorists stab Israelis, it’s still Israel’s fault.

As for the UN’s work to bring peace to other parts of the world, Greenfield explains how well that has been going:

Just this summer the UN admitted that it had spread cholera that killed tens of thousands in Haiti. Sexual abuse allegations against its staffers were up 25% last year. In the spring, the UN admitted that peacekeepers from three countries had raped over 100 girls in only one African country. That’s not the kind of international cooperation that any of the organization’s founders had in mind.

Here’s what we get for our $3 billion.

UNRWA schools are turning out students who want to fight for ISIS.  The UN’s email system has been used to distribute child pornography. UN staff members have smuggled drugs, attacked each other with knives and pool cues, not to mention a tractor. This month the UN marked Anti-Corruption Day despite refusing to fight its own corruption. The former President of the UN General Assembly was arrested on bribery charges last year. He had also headed UNICEF’s executive board. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is battling accusations of bribery.
Greenfield says that defunding the UN is not sufficient. We should simply withdraw from the organization:

The United Nations has never met any of its lofty goals. During the Cold War it became a playground for the Communist powers. The USSR, the second signatory to the UN charter, helped force out the first signatory, Taiwan. Even while the treaty was being signed, it was taking over Poland, the 51st signatory.

These days, the United Nations is a forum for Islamist powers and the rotting remains of the Communist front to continue its war against the free world while seducing weak-minded nations into going along.

We are not making the world a better place by being members of this anti-American organization which vacillates between being evil and useless.

And he concludes:

 Where quarreling diplomats once preened in the tower above Turtle Bay, seagulls will soar and young couples will walk with their children. The billions we waste on the UN will go toward taking care of our people. And once we are free of the UN, we will actually be able to promote real human rights instead of pandering to the dictators and Islamists of the United Nations.

Like the League of Nations, the United Nations is a failed experiment. The only difference is that, despite decades of wars, genocides and terror, we still haven’t pulled the plug.


Trigger Warning said...

Defund, depart, and deport.

America should cut off all funding, withdraw it's membership, and send them packing. I'm sure they can find a welcoming home in Brussels, Geneva, or Berlin. Personally, I'd prefer Riyadh, a venue that would put a lid on the degenerate lifestyles of the whores and drunks that work there.

Trigger Warning said...

Sorry. "Its". Autocomplete is a mixed blessing.

Anonymous said...

I suspect the US would have vetoed the resolution if Hillary had won and made nice with Netanyahu.

But the Trump victory and its support from Israel made Obama and Democrats furious.

Sam L. said...

I'm with TW, except I'd suggest Pyongyang.

Trigger Warning said...

I wish I'd thought of that. Great idea, Sam. We could send Ares with his precious collection of little cognitive keepsake boxes as Official Observer.

By the way, I ran across an image of Lena Dunham posing as a mermaid this morning. At first glance, I thought it was a tragically disfigured manatee. Enjoy...

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

A relocation to Pitcairn Island seems a good location, if Pyongyang ain't available.

Then again, perhaps the Maldives, since all the climatophobiacs tell us it will be submerged soon.

Anonymous said...

Better idea: Get the UN out of the US.

Put it in some third world crap nation.

Trigger Warning said...

Though I detest being even the slightest bit disagreeable, I believe I've come up with the ideal location for UN Headquarters...

Null Island.

According to their website, "It's like No Place on Earth!"

Ingot9455 said...

I believe John Bolton said something like this of his tenure as Ambassdor to the UN, "It's not what I'm there to do, it's what I'm there to keep them from doing."

It's good that we have that spot on the Security Council seat to stop stupid things. But let's get real. Is the UN military, which rides everywhere on US equipment, going to enforce anything against Israel? If we pull out, they'll be flying coach.