Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Invasion of the West

The West is being invaded. Marauding armies of Muslims are fighting a war against Western civilization. We see them as refugees, but they see themselves as an invading army, dedicated to overthrowing our civilization and replacing it with their own. 

Call it a failure of empathy, if you like. It is certainly a failure of judgment.

In the aftermath of the Berlin truck terrorist attack, Michael Walsh (via Maggie’s Farm) tells us how he really feels about Angela Merkel.

In his words:

That those million Muslims are in Germany is entirely the fault of the second-worst German chancellor of the past hundred years, the wretched Angela Merkel, whose colossal stupidity in falling for the "plight" of "refugees" will go down in history as the greatest civilizational error since the Trojans opened their gates to a giant horse stuffed full of Greeks. Whether from naivete, arrant stupidity, cultural inexperience with Islam or sheer malevolence toward a country she was raised to despise and betray, Merkel opened the borders of Germany in 2015 with the bold motto "wir shaffen das" (we can do it). In flooded an army of mostly young males of military age without the slightest interest in accommodating themselves or their rancid culture to western European cultural norms, but with rapine, exploitation and Islamic triumphalism foremost on their dark and savage minds.

Germans were so enthralled by the prospect of demonstrating their superior moral virtue that they failed to notice that the refugees were not seeking refuge. Germans were, Walsh continues, blinded by their cultural Marxism, aka multiculturalism:

That Merkel -- like all the politically correct liberals across the European Union who have brought Europe to its present low estate -- could not see this coming speaks to the tyranny of cultural Marxism that imposed itself on the nation-states of Europe in the form of the EU: a form of compulsive national suicide, preached as the logical consequence of guilt over World War II and imposed using the stick of "racism" with which to beat a gullible public.

German commentator Josef Jaffe explains that Merkel and Germany did it to atone for the sins of Nazism:

Thus do good intentions come to a nasty end. For Merkel, the “open door” was a grand moral gesture stemming from Germany’s ugly past – an act of historical atonement. So is the ultra-liberal state that followed Nazi totalitarianism. “Never again!” explains why Germany, remembering the deadly fate of its Jews trying to escape extermination, opened its borders last summer.

Perhaps the German language does not possess the adage: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Surely, politicians should have known better than to think that good intentions were enough.

Walsh points out that helping Jews to escape the Third Reich is not comparable to inviting invaders into Western Europe:

Never mind that there's a profound difference between the Jews of eastern Europe trying to escape the Third Reich, and the Muslims of the ummah trying to invade the old Holy Roman Empire (which is precisely how they see it). Joffe makes a point here I've long made myself -- that the cunning deviltry of the Islamic demand for "asylum" (enshrined in the German constitution as Asylrecht) lies in using principles and laws passed in the wake of the Holocaust to ensure that a minority group like the Jews would never again have the power of the state turned against it.

The refugees are exploiting weakness. They are exploiting it in Germany, in Sweden, in France and in America. And they will keep exploiting it until the West wakes up and engages the struggle. One is amused to see Joffe express his surprise that Germany should have been targeted by terrorists. After all, he wrote, Germany has scrupulously avoided engaging in America’s wars—thus it has given terrorists no reason to retaliate.

The closer you look the worse it becomes. Why would anyone think that this is about retaliation? Why would anyone imagine that if we just make nice and run back home with our tails between our legs, the civilizational war will cease.

Apparently, Merkel imagined that the incoming refugees would be like the Jews that a prior German government exterminated.

Walsh sees this confusion as an omen of doom:

That the Germans can't tell Jews from Muslims tells you all you need to know about Germany's chances of surviving this calamity.

As American Jews are falling over themselves to stand up for Islam, it is well past the time when people should start understanding that there is a fundamental difference between Jews and people who want to kill Jews and to destroy the civilization that was built on Bible.


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...
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Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

I am growing tired of the claim that not ALL Muslims are terror threats. Of course they're not. I get that. However, if non-citizens (refugees, asylum-seekers, H1B visa holders, etc.) and are up to no good, they need to be escorted somewhere else.

This Tunisian "refugee" the German authorities are looking for was arrested 3 times this year already on terrorism suspicions.

If you're a guest in the Untied States, and you want to screw around, it should a a self-selecting means to be deported. If you're not on your best behavior on your first date, or the first time you visit someone's home, does anybody believe the behavior is going to improve with familiarity? I'm not talking about traffic tickets and jaywalking, I'm talking about physical violence and the threats of violence to others. I'm talking about subjecting non-citizens to a higher standard. Citizenship should count for something.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration is doing the hurry-up offense to get refugees and asylum-seekers into the country at a breakneck pace. Why? Guilt? Obama wouldn't stand behind his "red line," so now he rolls out the red carpet as a consolation prize?

When people know they can do whatever they want because of political correctness, the worst of them will use it to full advantage. We must respond directly to the self-congratulation and moral magnificence of the politically correct. They peddle their own self-loathing, exclusionary bigotry. They are creating greater risk to our lives, while comfortably protected themselves. Merkel's empathy stunt of going to visit the Christmas market yesterday is a disgrace.

If you hate Western Civilization, leave the West. International travel has never been easier.

Trigger Warning said...

This morning, as I perused my Espresso app from The Economist, I noticed a brief comment about the terror murders in Berlin. The author dryly observed that one was more likely to drown in a bathtub than be killed by terrorists.

This is typical Proglodyte Agitprop.

First and foremost, it is false if one is older than 5.

Second, we strictly regulate bathtubs, both in manufacture and in installation. In fact, I checked, and the regulations for manufacture are in ANSI Standard Z124.1, and installation is a matter of state building code. That took less than 3 minutes to ascertain.

Verdict: Fake News.

David Foster said...

Trigger..."his morning, as I perused my Espresso app from The Economist, I noticed a brief comment about the terror murders in Berlin. The author dryly observed that one was more likely to drown in a bathtub than be killed by terrorists."

A common argument, it has been made by Obama and by people who should know better. I dissected it here:

Sam L. said...

IAC wrote, "When people know they can do whatever they want because of political correctness, the worst of them will use it to full advantage." I've noticed leftists and SJWs doing that. But I repeat myself.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Yes, Sam L. I'm waiting for Obama to give Bill Ayers the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

30 days to go...

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Everything on the Drudge Report page today is a case in point for everything we talk about here. It's like reading The Onion... except that it's real.

Anonymous said...

Angela Merkel received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. So deserving

Sam L. said...

Here it is. late in the day, and Ares has not checked in...

alicegwen said...

A favorite writer of mine, F. L. Lucas would have said this to Kanzler Merkel:

"Principles, however liberal, are no substitute for common sense."

Mr. Lucas had a good mind and a way with words.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Sam L. @December 21, 2016 at 4:36 PM:

Perhaps Ares is being visited by three ghosts!

Boris said...

No ghost. Comrade Ares visited by FSB Re-education Team.