Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Censoring European Anti-Semitism

It’s baaaaaack!

Anti-Semitism is back in Europe. It’s been dormant for a while, but the new Muslim refugees are making it a clear and present danger. As you know the bien-pensant rulers of the European community are hard at work fighting… islamophobia. They are fighting against the nationalist forces that would want to limit immigration and would even start expelling some of the migrants. They are fighting against the decidedly anti-immigrant stance taken by the Trump administration.

When it comes to Muslim anti-Semitism, the great minds of Europe prefer to shut up. And to shut down anything would suggest otherwise. It’s becoming a pattern. When rapes rise in Sweden authorities make sure that the story does not get out. When crime rises in Germany the media downplays the problem.

Now, Breitbart reports on a documentary about anti-Semitism in the Muslim communities in Europe. Broadcasters have mostly refused to show the documentary, because it makes far too many Muslims look like rabid anti-Semites.

According to Breitbart:

Franco-German broadcasters have been accused of censorship after shelving a documentary film about European Jews facing persecution by Muslim migrants, saying it was not “balanced” and the topic was “very sensitive”.

Chosen and Excluded — The Hate for Jews in Europe highlights anti-Semitism on the continent and depicts the violence Jews experience from Muslim communities in cities such as Paris.

Filming took place in France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, and the Palestinian territories, and was hailed by German historian Michael Woffsohn as “the best, most intelligent and [most] historically profound film on this subject, which is sadly extremely topical”.

However, Franco-German broadcaster Arte and German public broadcaster WDR refused to broadcast the film, reports The Times.

Co-director Joachim Schroeder said senior broadcast figures told him the subject of anti-Semitism in Muslim migrant communities was “very sensitive”, and the documentary failed to offer a “multi-perspective” and “balanced” view of persecution faced by all ethnic communities.

Why was the film censored? Because it did not provide equal time to the bias faced by Muslim immigrants in Europe.

As for specific details about how Muslims terrorize and persecute Jewish children, we have Paris:

One part of the film, seen by The Times, shows Jewish teenagers from a Paris suburb contemplating leaving France to go to Israel and describes the frequent physical assaults the teens face.

“This is a Jewish quarter surrounded by banlieues [low-income housing projects]. We’re trapped here — when we go out we risk our lives,” said a Jewish schoolboy from Sarcelles.

“Everybody here wants to move,” said one. “Almost everyone from Sarcelles has moved to Netanya [in Israel]. If you go there it’s like Paris — there are only French [people] around.”

Sarcelles, a Paris district, saw violent attacks on Jews during pro-Palestinian riots in 2014. The socialist mayor François Pupponi, interviewed for the documentary, said pro-Palestinian groups had encouraged hatred of Israel.

The latest group to be sacrificed to the gods of multiculturalism: European Jews.


Sam L. said...

"Broadcasters have mostly refused to show the documentary, because it makes far too many Muslims look like rabid anti-Semites." I would change that to read "...it shows far too many Muslims are rabid anti-semites."

Europe has no idea what to do with all those unassimilated Muslims.

Ares Olympus said...

The post topic is confusing. I think it would be more clear as "Censoring Evidence of European Anti-Semitism" and more specifically "Censoring Evidence of Islamic Anti-Semitism in Europe" might be best.