Friday, June 30, 2017

Woman's Inhumanity to Woman

Many people will be shocked and surprised to see mothers abusing their daughters. Within Asian, mostly but not uniquely Muslim communities, mothers force their daughters to marry as children. If their daughters disobey they are repeatedly beaten by their mothers, and then their fathers.. 

A British criminologist exposed this ugly side of so called honor-based abuse:

Mothers are the "unseen force" behind so-called honour-based abuse, inflicting violence on their daughters, a study has found.

Research by Rachael Aplin, a criminologist from Leeds Beckett University, said this was often unrecognised by police.

Of the 100 "honour" crimes she studied, 49 involved mothers - but this was often not recorded in crime reports.

Aplin recounts the case of “Sadir” a woman from an Afghan-English family:

"Sadir", who was born in Bradford to Afghan parents, was taken into care after being abused by her mother who tried to force her into marriage.

Speaking to the BBC, she described her mother as the main perpetrator, saying she was regularly beaten as a child.

From the age of nine she was told she could not play out, but had to learn how to cook in order to be "marriage material".

Now 35, she said: "I would get physically battered if I didn't cook chapatis or if the chapatis weren't round enough.

How did mothers enforce the rules on their daughters?

In Mrs Aplin's research, the abuse perpetrated by mothers included hitting, kicking and slapping, assault with household objects, cutting off daughters' hair and deception in order to encourage a fleeing victim back home.

Other behaviours included threatening to kill the victim or throw them downstairs, bartering to sell them, false imprisonment, emotional blackmail, confiscation of passports, bank cards and mobile phones and emotional blackmail.

Everyone believes that these cultures are patriarchal, thus that they are naturally inclined to abuse women. I suspect that they are far more matriarchal than it appears. In any case, we have here a marked instance of woman’s inhumanity to woman.


Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

"Women have no sympathy and my experience of women is almost as large as Europe." -- Florence Nightingale

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Sam L. said...

Feminists hate women, too.

Anonymous said...

Terrible but in the West parents raise kids as offering to Mammon who urges the kids to indulge in rotten behavior of all kinds.

Today's fashion encourages girls to dress and act like whores.

Ares Olympus said...

Patriarchal versus matriarchal?

It seems like you have to define your terms before you can say anything here. Apparently Patriarchal means men are in charge, and matriarchal mean women are in charge? Although other definitions sometimes would say Patriarchy is hierarchical and matriarchy is more egalitarian.

But maybe such terms are distracting regardless and it is better to acknowledge we all of both genders learn good and bad habits from our elders of both genders, and cycles of abuse can be passed down, so abusive people were often abused in some way.

Or like with female genital mutilation, I've heard it is usually the women who are in charge of these things, and that women whom had this done to them when they were young, brainwash themselves to believe it was for their own good (since it can't be undone), so believe they have to continue the tradition for the next generation's own good.

I've also read about the idea that sympathy doesn't always work the way you think it should, so if you survive a bad situation, and imagine yourself stronger because of that, then you won't have sympathy for someone else in the same situation. So if you survived child-abuse, and your abuser was never stopped or punished, then you may passively believe it is the way things are, and ignore the abuse of others around you.