Thursday, September 28, 2017

The Refugee Crisis in Lebanon

Now that Merkelism has apparently-- and yet again-- ascended in Germany, it’s interesting to see how other nations are dealing with the refugee crisis provoked by President Obama’s mishandling of the war in Syria.

Before examining the problems posed by two million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, we take a moment to reflect on the fact, as pointed out by New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, that Barack Obama deserves a major share of the blame for what is happening in Syria. You will not hear anyone talking about this, but that does not mean that it’s not true.

Since the world is now up in arms in the fight against Nazis, especially the right wing groups that have formed in Germany and in other parts of Europe in reaction to Merkelist policies, it is worthwhile to examine the real enemy, the real threat to the civilization… and that would be Muslim refugees.

The Daily Mail has a heartwarming story about a Syrian refugee who was happy to repay the generosity shown him in Lebanon:

A Syrian national identified only by his initials as BH is thought to have raped and killed 26-year-old Lebanese national Rhea Chidiac inside her home in northern Lebanon. 

He came to Lebanon three years ago and worked for the victim's family and had intended to steal money from the house. 

But when he entered the family mansion and found Ms Chidiac alone, he allegedly raped her and then suffocated her.  

For reasons that can only bespeak bigotry, more and more Lebanese citizens want to expel all Syrian refugees:

The rape and murder has caused anger among residents towards Syrian refugees, who came to Lebanon at the beginning of the Syrian war.

Despite a small number trickling back to their home country just a few kilometres away there are still an estimated 2 million in Lebanon.  

Residents of the northern town of Miziara have now called on the Lebanese authorities to expel all displaced Syrians living in their town as unrest swept through the northern town following the crime.

As opposed to American dreamers, these refugees are not exactly the best and the brightest. One man wrote on social media:

'I don't know why people are surprised that this is happening.' 

'Most of the Syrians who are now refugees or working as janitors, helpers, etc are uneducated and have financial difficulties', one commented. 

'Add to that, years of civil war with no income, you've got yourself a recipe for disaster', he added.

The arrival of Syrian refugees into Lebanon has imposed huge economic and social burdens on the country, according to Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad Hariri who earlier in the year talked of a 'breaking point'.

Speaking to foreign media Hariri said: 'Today, if you go around most of the host communities, there is huge tension between the Lebanese and the Syrians.

'I fear civil unrest.'

Most of the refugees are not working, but are living in camps. They mostly live in informal camps across the country, some, in severe poverty. The Daily Mail concludes:

Indeed, it is that extreme poverty which is also to be blamed for the cases of appalling crimes to be committed both within the refugee communities and outside in the towns, where Syrian refugees are employed for as little as 6 pounds sterling a day. 

According to a report last year by a UK slavery organization, an alarming number of young Syrian women were providing sexual favours to their bosses, whilst the study also revealed that the majority of sex workers in Lebanon were Syrian refugees. 

The study also exposed an alarming number of child workers who were leaving farms to enter a world of sexual enslavement or forced marriage, often as young as twelve years old. 

We are happy to offer a modest proposal. Why not send them all to Germany and to Sweden and other places that have opened their arms to refugees.

If Germany is having problems with a million or so refugees, in a population of 82,000,000 imagine the problem that Lebanon is having with two million refugees in a population of 6,000,000.


Ares Olympus said...

It looks like this is the Cohen article mentioned, from February 8, 2016.

And referenced in this blog here:

Sam L. said...

Not getting any better, is it, Ares?

Ares Olympus said...

Sam L. said... Not getting any better, is it, Ares?

There's always worse, much worse, thinking of the history of final solutions. And we're the ones with the most nukes, if we decide to embrace our worst. And a not insignificant fraction of our GNP is weapons exports, so along with Russia, Iran and other esteemed rivals we're doing our best to make sure the worst of the wider world is well armed. And with our ever rising debt, we perhaps can no longer afford to not sell weapons to keep the interest payments going.

Jack Fisher said...

Don't wave around your weak and totally fake and libtarded outrage. Arms exports aren't the problem, they're the solution to keeping friendly nations from foundering in a Russian / Iranian dominated cesspool.