Tuesday, September 10, 2019

He Let His Son Go to School Wearing a Dress

Here’s a slice of everyday life from Reddit. It’s hard to believe, but, hey, the man is woke. Besides, he is just following the example set by notable imbecile Charlise Theron.

Anyway, the man’s second grade son wanted to wear a dress on the first day of school So the father said, what the heck. He is woke. He is politically correct. He has certainly taken leave of his senses:

My son started second grade last week. I get the kids ready for school while my wife sleeps (she's got a graveyard shift).

He's got a twin sister. I told them both it was time to get ready for school and his twin sister pulled a bunch of dresses out of her closet. My son picked one up and said "I want to wear this." I'm thinking, whatever dude, we're running late just put some kind of clothes on and let's get out the door. I'm pretty politically neutral so while I wouldn't say I was particularly happy he wanted to wear a dress, it also wasn't nearly as upsetting to me as the idea that I could be late for work if we didn't get out the door.

I figured ok, I wouldn't ever tell my daughter not to do something because it wasn't ladylike so I shouldn't tell my son not to do something because it isn't manly.

I drop him off and get to work. Three hours later we get a call to come pick up our son because his outfit is distracting to the other kids and he's being bullied. He was very sad when my wife got there and the whole morning had been upsetting for him.

My wife is irate asking how I couldn't have realized that was inappropriate and I was setting our son up to fail. So is just about everyone else I've run this by. My wife thinks damage has been permanently done because he'll be in the same school system as these kids the rest of his life and he'll be known as "the one who wore a dress" and I was being thoughtless or willfully ignorant because I was in a rush and our son suffered for it.

At the time, I truly didn't think it was that big a deal, but that doesn't change that I put my son in harm's way so now I'm not sure whether I made the wrong decision or not or how to feel about it. AITA

The signature, AITA stands for: Am I the asshole?

Obviously, the answer is Yes.

Amazingly, he is simply doing what the more radical culture warriors want him to do. He has overcome gender conformity and gender norms and sees no reason why his son should not have a free choice of gender. Besides, as one of the commentators noted, it's really all abut a piece of cloth.

We have heard about this nonsense before. In this case, our woke father has surely damaged his son. Unfortunately, he is the only one who does not realize what he has done. Obviously, he thinks he is an intellectual and believes that he should live according to modern cultural values. 

How should he feel? Deeply ashamed, not only for believing the claptrap about transgenderism, but for subjecting a seven year old child to ridicule and humiliation. 

I imagine that he will not. If he could not figure it out without sharing it with the public, he is in very big trouble.


Sam L. said...

I recall one summer when I was 4 or 5, my mom put a dress on me, started buttoning it, and then took it off. Must have been thinking about my sister. Hadn't thought of that in the many decades since.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced he was "woke", merely lazy and selfish. He didn't seem to have given any advance thought to what the children would wear on the first day of school. That's a Really.Big.Deal, no matter your age. There was no effort to find out what the child was thinking; was he really "expressing his gender" or did he just like the dress? Any discussion of weighty matters could have been deferred awhile. The kid is seven. Likely he could have been rerouted by simply saying "let's see what's in your closet for today." It was all about his work schedule, and nothing about his children at all. They were just part of his "to do" list and he wasn't that pleased about it.

He also seriously harmed his daughter by his attitude. She is now faced with defending her twin brother, whose heartbeat has been a part of her life since it first began OR giving up her status in the brutal hierarchy of the elementary school. Most seven year olds won't be up to that pressure, but, if she turns on him too, his anguish will rise exponentially.

UbuMaccabee said...

They are all doomed. Souls in embryo. Walk on.