Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Senatorial Hypocrisy

From Nate Silver, of the 538 blog, exposing the raw hypocrisy of Sen. Chris Murphy… in posts, first from March 22, 2018 and second from yesterday:

Silver wrote:

Maybe I'm a simpleton but it seems like if you criticized Bolton's hiring you probably shouldn't also criticize his firing.


Sam L. said...

I had to look him up. I'd thought he was likely on CNN, but I see he's a Dem, not that there's any significant difference. (I missed that "Senatorial" part.)

Anonymous said...

What kills me about these guys is, they don't think their opinions have to have anything to do with reality. Obviously, we're in much better shape with NATO, the Middle East, and China, not to mention losing ties with the brotherhood and dictators like O chummed around with in Venezuela. Yet, they think people will take it seriously that "the world is falling apart."

Try to have a little connection to reality, boys.