Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Bari Weiss Takes on New York City

Had I read this sooner I would have included it in the prior post, about New York City. It was authored by the highly estimable Bari Weiss, for the New York Times.

She postulates that the virus has exposed our culture wars as utterly inane. So, she wants us to start taking serious things seriously. One would be hard put to disagree.

Anyway, here is her brief take on New York City:

In this moment, nothing seems stupider than being trapped on an island packed with people and governed by an inept mayor. City living feels unstable, perhaps nowhere more so than in New York. Infrastructure is decaying, the rent is too damn high and there are more homeless people than ever before. The subways were a disaster even before the pandemic cut ridership by 90 percent. Public pools won’t open this summer in order to save the city $12 million.

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trigger warning said...

I'm so confused. [snif]

The Smart People told me high-density urban living and mass transit were the bestest. Now dey sick.

Ignatius Acton Chesterton OCD said...

Dense urban living absolutely requires that goods and services are delivered reliably. Like clockwork. Because in a period of social breakdown -- like a pandemic -- interruption of that system is devastating.

What I hope people see coming out of this is that liberals really do not care about you. They just say they do. Like with Obama, soaring oratory, sociopathic governance.

The more I watch stuff like this, the more brilliant the Electoral College becomes to me. If we give electoral power to the most populated states, we will be forced to live like them. Farmers can't push a plow with a Prius, as much as sophisticated New Yorkers may think they should.

The pro-choice, pro-science, pro-free speech, pro-compassion Party. That's today's Democrat Party, huh? They look pretty totalitarian to me. Trump Derangement Syndrome has made it worse. Vicious, actually.

And there has never been a more silly culture war issue than transgenderism. That's mental illness, not an aggrieved minority being robbed of civil rights. The Left and Democrat Party invented that entire issue -- the next "big thing" to complain about.

Sam L. said...

What tw and IAC said goes for me, too.