Saturday, April 18, 2020

Crazy Uncle Joe Forgets...

Crazy Uncle Joe is at it again. This from Victoria Taft at PJ Media.

Here's what he told CNN's Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta at a CNN town hall:

"Look, you have an entire generation of young people beginning back in, in two thou...when, when, the attack cucurred [sic] on 9/11, that in fact behind the eight ball from the time they got out of school."

Watch it for yourself. And light a candle for Joe, huh?


UbuMaccabee said...

It's OK, I speak Connecticut post-CVA Jive. Joe's saying that the Millenials are screwed because they took out big loans to get a worthless degree (that his party strongly advocates) and they have no marketable job skills to ever pay them back. So we should forgive their loans or invent non-market jobs for them to do imaginary work.

Joe cannot remember if 9/11 was in 2000 or 2001, so what? Move on. Nice look on Gupta's face, btw. He's trying to keep it in there.

I heard a good one the other day. Joe's brain is like a browser that has 30 tabs open, and 20 of them are frozen, and he cannot figure out which one of them has the music coming from it.

Maybe the Dem strategy is to have Joe display a real or imaginary stroke onstage, and then replace him with the establishment party candidate and run on the sympathy vote. Win it for Joe!

whitney said...

I find the fact that the Democratic party and Elite Democrats in the know are openly supporting a dementia patient for president of the United States shocking.

Deana said...

Whitney - me too. I just can not believe what I am seeing. This party who insists they are the smartest ones in the room, the party of reality, the ones who insist they are evidence based. And they are acting like they don’t see anything wrong.

Look. I don’t care for Biden but I wish
cognitive decline on no one. It is pitiful to watch. And what is going on in Mrs. Biden’s head? Still, it will be fascinating to watch the Dems deal with this, especially when it comes to their VP pick.