Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Whose Side Is Trump On?

This story will make some readers seriously unhappy. Think of it this way, it’s not my idea. It comes to us from Gerard Baker, of the Wall Street Journal.

Baker’s point is simple. At a time when the Democratic Party is clearly on the political ropes, at a time when the manifest incompetence of a Democratic administration has been so clear that no one can ignore it, at a time when the Republican Party has a great chance to change America’s course, one man has stepped forward to save the Democrats.

No, it is not Barack Obama. It is certainly not Joe Biden. It is, drumroll please, Donald Trump.

In principle, Trump is the leader of the Republican Party. If Ronald Reagan made history by announcing the eleventh commandment-- thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican-- Trump seems not to have gotten the message. Not only does he talk trash about notable Republican leaders, but he tells Republicans not to vote:

… Mr. Trump somehow keeps coming to the rescue of the Democrats just as they look to be burying themselves in their own extremism, hypocrisy and unfitness for office.

The thought is prompted by the former president’s broadside last week, in which he more or less instructed his supporters to do something that should produce Democratic landslides in forthcoming elections.

Trump told Republicans not to vote. It was quite the assertion, one that sustains Baker’s argument that Trump is a Democratic plant:

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented) Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24. It’s the single most important thing for Republicans to do,” read the former president’s statement.

As you know, Trump rescued the Biden administration in January of this year by helping to turn two Georgia senate seats blue:

It’s not as though the strategy hasn’t worked perfectly before. In January, incensed by his failure to convince enough people that he had actually won last November’s election, he and some of his so-called aides suggested voters in Georgia shouldn’t bother showing up in the state’s Senate runoff election because that too was going to be rigged.

The result: Just enough Republicans who had voted in the first round last November declined to follow up in the Jan. 5 runoff, and we got Two Senators Who Changed the World. Or at least tried to.

Winning matters. Wasn’t that the original Trump message? So how did it happen that Trump connived to lose the senate. Will Trump now rescue Virginia gubernatorial candidate, Terry McAuliffe?

To that helpful intervention by Mr. Trump can be attributed trillions of dollars in prospective tax and spending increases, several confirmations of far-left Biden nominees, and this continuing offense against sanity: Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders.

And this is the gift that keeps on giving to Democrats. If Mr. Trump’s latest campaign is successful, he may well deter just enough voters from going to the polls in next month’s knife-edge Virginia governor’s race, thereby handing the Old Dominion to a Democratic Party that thinks it owns your children and has the right to tell them what to think.

So, Democratic party governance is a calamity. By all measures the Democrats should lose bigly in every upcoming election. And yet, they have a secret weapon-- Donald Trump:

As it stands, we are governed by among the most incompetent, ideologically extreme, dishonest governments in living memory. If the normal laws of political gravity were to apply, the Democrats should be headed for an epic defeat in next year’s midterms, with Republicans sweeping away the tiny Democratic majority in the House, breaking the tie in their favor in the Senate, strengthening their grip on statehouses and governors’ mansions across the country, and rescuing the country from the lunacy of the Sanders-AOC political condominium.

But if Mr. Trump gets his way, none of that will happen.


alvarez said...

Voting integrity is the most important and only issue.

Anonymous said...

If voting integrity is the only issue, then there are no other issues. In that case, voting is a waste of time. That's nonsense of course. Trump's "don't vote" plea is nothing more than a temper tantrum. Ignore it.

Ares Olympus said...

Trump helped the Democrats in midterms, 2018, and looks like he's up for the task again, but maybe the problem isn't TRUMP, but the common people Trump is trying to represent.

Like below is a short part of an email my friend just shared tonight. I've failed to find any common reality with her, so if she's an average Trump supporter, what exactly do the Republicans stand for anyway? Q-clearance anonymous patriots are now fighting the deep state within our government. And Trump will be restored as president when the pedophiles are caught in the honeytrap Trump provided, soon to be arrested and prosecuted.

...Yes, Trump didn't concede, and the real Biden actually died over 2 years ago. There is an appearance of a government, but it is a hostile takeover type of fake government. Trump had the military in control because that's how the law dictates
things should happen during this situation.

Biden was never in the real White House. Kamala never entered the house reserved for the vice president.

Mike Lindell is rather annoying, but he does have the right information.

And the apparent explanation is that Trump brilliantly hated on the media, and the media stupidly hated on Trump in return, dividing their audience, sending all Trump supporters into their own cable/online news system, now infinitely manipulable by anonymous online hucksters. Even Fox News must compete with this for audience attention.

I still blame the Republican party for not convicting Trump for playing mob boss "I just need 11,000 votes", Republicans too afraid of their own voters and getting primaried.

Their support of Trump MIGHT save the Democrats 2022, but history shows Democrats can give it all back and soon we may have a Q-informed majority in congress.

Sam L. said...

I do not trust the Democrats, and have NO FAITH in the GOP. I call the GOP the "GO Along to GET Along with the DEMS" Party!

markedup2 said...

I'm a Trump fan, but this is just idiotic. Boycotting elections doesn't do crap except reduce the margin of fraud. The future belongs to those who show up. Staying home for an election - regardless of the expected fraud - is not showing up.

The way to stop this is to make obvious to even the most casual observer (which I thought 2020 did - and Trump was woefully unprepared for the obvious) not stay home and make it EASIER to steal an election.

Kansas Scout said...

I supported Trump. Voted for him. But he made and is still making unnecessary stupid mistakes that seriously taint his legacy and fitness. I do not want him to run in 24. He will be too old and he can't pull his head out of his butt. There are a few better candidates who would be much better Presidents and would not do stupid stuff. I'm hoping for a stroke or some such thing to sideline him. His day came and went. He screwed it up enough to make his legacy much less positive than it could be. I would like to see DeSantis run. Right now, in one poll, Trump and Biden run neck and neck. With Bidens bad polling this does not sound like a victorious return to power.

Anonymous said...

"I like/voted for Trump, but..." LOL

Trump is and was the only thing standing between us and Marxist socialism which inevitably morphs into communism. You can dislike anything you want to but as soon as you say "Trump helped the Democrats" or "Trump is idiotic" you show that you were/are a never Trumper.

The good news is you will get your wish. The Democrats will steal the next election and every election forever. You will get the socialism you so want. The bad news is so won't the rest of us until or unless we bring back the guillotine.

America as you knew it is dead long live the Democrat/communist America. Hope you like higher prices and endless shortages...