Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Grooming in New York City Private Schools

Dare we call it grooming? Those who defend the systematic normalization of transgenderism, and who teach children, even kindergarteners that there is nothing abnormal about it can fairly be called groomers.

What could be the purpose of forcing young children to become exposed to the prospect of changing genders, and made to believe that there is nothing strange or abnormal about it. If these reading assignments do not persuade some children to want to change genders, one would be seriously surprised.

In today’s America, in the best New York private schools, the culture rot is pervasive. Mostly, it seems directed at girls, because no one seems to care about what happens to little girls. Apparently, their parents do not care at all.

As we examine the National Review report on the summer reading lists proposed by these private schools, we must ask why parents put up with this. How do they allow their children to be brainwashed into thinking that changing genders is like changing a shirt? And why do they keep funneling money into these institutions? (via Maggie's Farm)

As happens with private colleges, unless and until parents and alumni stand up for children, the grooming will continue unabated.

If you thought that Libs of TikTok, the Twitter account of one Chaya Raichik, was exaggerating, think again. Obviously, since the account rarely does much more than to retweet the videos of physicians who are proud of having mutilated children, one did not imagine for an instant that she was making it up.

So, National Review opens with an account of the recommended reading at a very tony, expensive and prestigious school like Nightingale-Bamford:

Nightingale-Bamford, an all-girls school where annual tuition runs at $59,000, recommends that kindergarteners read books like When Aidan Became A Brother, a story about a girl who changed her gender when she was a toddler; Julian Is A Mermaid, a book about a boy who is celebrated when he chooses to dress in a skirt, flower crown, and necklace; and Pride Puppy, a story about a dog who gets lost at a pride parade and then is chased by a drag queen.

While the adults are up in arms about the question of whether surgeons mutilate children, the powers that be at N-B are beginning to groom children into thinking that they can change genders and that they will have no problems. People who believe this are delusional and should not be allowed near children.

National Review continues:

In When Aidan Became A Brother, the main character, Aidan, who was born a girl, tells her parents she was a boy because she “hated” the sound of her name and felt like her “room belonged to someone else.”

After revealing her new preferred gender to her parents, they accepted Aidan as transgender and said they made “mistakes” in assuming that she was a girl. Aidan also says the family’s new baby should not be given a gendered name and should instead just be a “baby.”

The story continues:

Bodies Are Cool, a picture book in which characters adopt the plural pronoun “they,” also appeared on the tony private school’s recommended reading list.

Nightingale-Bamford also suggested that third-graders read Melissa, a book about a boy named George who comes out as transgender.

When asked if the recommended books fit into the school’s mission, Nightingale’s director of communications, Thomas Hein, told National Review, “Our library offers our students a diverse set of highly regarded, academically appropriate books that they and their parents can choose to enjoy throughout the summer and school year.”

Now you know what diversity does to children.

Things are not much better at the Chapin School, another of the most prestigious New York City private schools for girls:

Lower-school students at Chapin were recommended “affirming stories,” including Bodies Are Cool and Fred Gets Dressed, a picture book about a naked boy who is celebrated when he wears his mother’s clothing and makeup.

Students in grades four through seven were asked to read at least two books off the summer reading list, which included titles like Melissa and Different Kinds of Fruit, a book in which a sixth-grader named Annabelle discovers that her father and her new best friend are both trans.

“Together Annabelle, Bailey, and their families discover how these categories that seem to mean so much — boy, girl, gay, straight, fruit, vegetable — aren’t so clear-cut after all,” the description of the book reads.

One keeps in mind that the summer vacation is now over and that these books have been imposed on vulnerable minds for months now. How has it happened that no parent has raised the alarm and that no other news source has covered the story.

Next is Saint Ann’s School, a notably progressive and notably expensive school in Brooklyn. In other words, you would expect ideological indoctrination from the school. Rumor has it that nearly two-thirds of the upper school is gender non-binary. Don’t think that this brainwashing does not produce mental deformities, if only at the level of conformity:

For entering fifth- and sixth-graders, Saint Ann’s suggested Zenobia July, a story about a transgender middle- school student who tries to fit into her new town.

Rising seventh- and eighth-graders were recommended Cemetery Boys, which the school’s website summarizes in the following way: “Yadriel is trans, and feels left out of a very gendered lineage of magic and healing.”

High schoolers were also recommended Gender Queer, the No. 1 most challenged book in the country in 2021, due to its “sexually explicit images,” according to the American Library Association.

The school’s headmaster is totally insouciant:

When asked whether students should be exposed to stories about minors becoming transgender and to sexually explicit images, Saint Ann’s headmaster, Vince Tompkins, said he was “proud” of the school’s librarians for recommending books “that embrace the range of human experience and identities.”

“Our mission statement at Saint Ann’s School states, in part, that at our school, ‘unfettered by grades, teachers and students embark on journeys of discovery in which the arts are central.’ Through an ambitious curriculum and a culture of inquiry, we question the world. We invite each other to take risks, pursue knowledge for its own sake, and celebrate growth,” Tompkins said.

So, where are the parents? How do they allow this to happen? Are they so completely terrorized that they are willing to sacrifice their children to this transmaniacal cult? If this is not grooming, then the term has no meaning. 

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IamDevo said...

"Where are the parents?" The same place they were when Moloch demanded they hand up their children to be burned in sacrifice. Many were eager to deliver their children to the fire in hopes of receiving accolades and benefits. Others were more reluctant, but did so regardless because it was "a thing" among their peer group, which they lacked the moral fiber to resist. Some stood aside and aghast, but did nothing because they feared to be ostracized by the ruling elite. One need only read Jeremiah and Leviticus to see how God reacts to such instances. Yet, even more than the sacrificial chemical and surgical mutilation of children is the sin of abortion, which has been transmogrified into "reproductive health care" as well as "constitutional right" by the democrat party commissars and their slavish acolyte. It is well to remember that the mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.