Friday, September 9, 2022

Who Owns Your Children?

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to deny that today’s radical left is hard at work trying to destroy the minds of America’s children. The statement runs counter to our natural tendency to trust authorities. And yet, consider that teachers’ unions and Democratic politicians shut down schools for months on end. This has caused serious learning loss, especially among minority children.

And also, the effort to sexualize young children by grooming them to become transgendered eventually leads to child mutilation. In a nation that has been up in arms for decades about child sexual abuse one is appalled to see that kindergarteners are being told that they can change their gender, at will, on the basis of belief.

And let us not forget the prevalence of critical race theory and anti-racism training that has infested America’s classrooms and even America’s colleges and universities. The truth is, children who have been indoctrinated in these social justice ideologies will graduate college incapable of doing much of anything. They will have been rendered useless in the job market.

Of course, the firewall against this madness is parental authority. When parents get involved, by voting in school board elections or by removing their children from failing public schools, things can change, even if change is unfortunately glacial.

So, the medical profession, goaded by the trans lobby, has chosen to take up arms against parents. Thanks to Libs of TikTok, we learn that schools, physicians and states have chosen to exclude parents from medical decision making. If a child is flirting with trans identification, schools can prescribe treatment and perform surgical interventions without informing parents, without considering parental consent. The word of a twelve year old suffices to let loose the child abusers in the school system, from counselors to physicians. At a time when we are told that all parties to a sexual encounter must consent, but that obviously, according to the laws against statutory rape, children cannot consent to sexual activities with adults, the medical profession has decided, with the connivance of state governments, to allow children to consent to be mutilated:

Libs of TikTok opens:

Various states across America have begun implementing laws and policies to allow children to make healthcare decisions without a parent or guardian’s consent — and the medical industry is promoting it. Many of these states are using these new laws to allow for drastic medical decisions to be made without parental consent including hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery, and medicated mental health treatment.

As for the evidence, let’s start with Washington state:

In Washington, children as young as 13 are now allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery and other questionable medical treatments without parental consent.

One Washington dad alleged in a viral TikTok video that a school gave his 15-year-old child antidepressants without informing him. Sounds completely insane and illegal, right? Well . . . it sounds that way, but it isn’t. Under Washington law, this is 100% legal and is allegedly being carried out by schools.

Not to be left out, New York State has implemented similar policies. This, from one of New York City and the world’s most important hospitals. This is not being practiced by marginal institutions:

New York has hopped on the bandwagon of removing parents from the treatment room as well. New York-Presbyterian recently sent out emails to their patients explaining that accounts for 12-17-year-olds must be updated to reflect the adolescent’s personal email address as the primary contact as New York State law allows children “to keep their sensitive medical information private and to consent to some of their own medical treatment.”

Obviously, other blue states have jumped on the woke bandwagon. Take Maine:

One concerned parent in Kennebunk, Maine shared photos with us of a medical questionnaire for patients 12 years of age and older which read “To be filled out by patient only.” The questionnaire included questions about sexuality, asking children what gender they're attracted to, and if the child has ever been in a romantic relationship or had sex. Separate questions ask the children if they’ve ever had questions about their gender identity and what their preferred pronouns are. 

As for the consequences, the outcomes of these policies, the Heritage Foundation has assessed that they incite more youth suicide. Might it be that cutting parents out of the equation and subjecting children to treatments they do not understand damages children?

A recent study from Heritage Foundation found a link between states that allow children to access medical treatments-- specifically hormone therapy treatment for gender transitions-- and higher teen suicide rates in those states. To remedy the startling youth suicide trends in these states, the study suggests that states “adopt parental bills of rights that affirm the fact that parents have primary responsibility for their children’s education and health, and that require school officials and health professionals to receive permission from parents before administering health services, including medication and 'gender-affirming' counseling, to children under 18. States should also tighten the criteria for receiving cross-sex treatments, including raising the minimum eligibility age.”

It’s the politics. We can only cheer the advent of parents’ bills of rights, though, to be fair, it is depressing to think that we need to resort to such measures. How did it happen that such practices took hold of the American mind? Have that many American leftists been so completely brainwashed that they consider this all to be rational.

Chaya Raichik, proprietor of Libs of TikTok suggests that this is being done in order to control children’s minds. One has no reason to dispute the assertion:

It’s all part of the push to create an unstable society. Children who grow up unsure of their identities, without strong parental involvement, are easier to control and manipulate. The Left wants total dominance over every aspect of our lives. They want children to stop trusting their parents so the state can raise them. They want every American to live by their set of rules and push their agenda across the entire country. And they’re sacrificing our children in the process.


David Spence said...

Just a precursor to legalizing pedophilia under the rubric of "Children's Rights." Children who have the right to consent to surgery most certainly will have the right to consent to sexual conduct.

jabrwok said...

They've taken 1984 as a How-To manual.

Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.

– George Orwell

1984. Part 3, Chapter 3. O’Brien is saying here that power is manipulation people’s thoughts and minds.

jmod46 said...

Many of these same schools will require parental permission to take children across the street to a bakery for a field trip. But involve parents in life-altering medical decisions when it comes to "trans-rights"? Nah.

Much like vaccinating children in school without parental knowledge or permission, it's all for your own good, so says The State.

370H55V said...

AND YET, WE elected all those people who made those laws. Let us not delude ourselves: the American public is totally on board with all of this and it will take more than votes to stop it.

JPL17 said...

Yet these same parents protesting what public schools are doing to their children are too stubborn or stupid to vote for politicians who support school choice through vouchers. It's the damnedest example of people voting against their own interests. What we desperately need is a Reagan clone who can convince voters of the rightness of common sense. And right now Ron DeSantis appears to be the only one with that ability.