Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Scenes from Occupied Europe

I know you are going to find it hard to believe, but the religion of peace, a religion that has given us radical feminists like Linda Sarsour, still contains a core of misogyny.

In France, where Muslim immigration is out of control, a policewoman was beaten senseless by a gang of immigrants on New Year’s Eve. In truth, most reports do not tell us anything about the ethnicity of the assailants, but the Paris suburbs, where this took place, are notorious for being No-Go zones… No-Go for anyone but the Muslim occupants. No-Go for all civil service employees—like the police, firefighters, ambulances….

The French would have shrugged their shoulders if the reports from New Year’s Eve had merely noted that 1,000 cars were burned. For the refugee population, that’s another day at the office. But, beating up a policewoman, that was a step too far.

The French are outraged. They knew about this before. President Macron has been cracking down on the illegal immigrant population. He has rejected calls by Jerry Brown to make France a sanctuary nation.

Still, it came as a shock. The Daily Mail reports:

The French government vowed a crackdown on urban violence in reaction to the shocking video footage which emerged of a policewoman being attacked by a mob on New Year's Eve.

She was one of two officers attacked by the gang of youths after police were called to a party in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne, in an assault President Emmanuel Macron called 'a cowardly and criminal lynching'.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb called the attacks against police 'unacceptable', and said: 'This violent society cannot continue in the years to come. It must be stopped.'

Collomb said reforms were needed to improve lives in 'pauperised, ghettoised' French suburbs, which have long suffered a reputation for violence and poverty.

It’s one thing to crack down on violence. We are all for it. And yet, seeing it all as a reflection of joblessness deflects the blame and the responsibility. How many of the inhabitants of the French suburbs are capable of holding down a meaningful job? After all, among the refugees admitted by Angela Merkel into Germany in 2015, something like 90% remain unemployed.

Happily for those who want the facts, Mark Steyn has collected reports of incidences of Muslim violence in Europe (via Maggie’s Farm).

Consider these:

VAST areas of East, North and South London have been declared "no-go zones" by terrified delivery drivers because of the acid attack epidemic, The Sun can reveal.

Moped riders say they won't go to the violent hotspots after 8pm because they fear being attacked with acid or knives.

They have been forced to cut down their hours - taking a massive pay cut - thanks to the dangers.

The House of Commons heard last week that London has more acid attacks per head of population than any other world city.

Of course, the mayor of London, one Sadiq Khan is a Muslim. I have rarely seen an adult man who looks as afraid as Mayor Khan. How’s that working out, bunky?

From Germany:

At least seven people were arrested for sexual assault in the German capital, police said, as cited by Die Welt newspaper...

In most cases, women were "groped between their legs or their buttocks," Thomas Neuendorf from the Berlin police press office told Ruptly. "The suspects were predominantly young men from Syria or Afghanistan," he said.

More from Great Britain:

Six people have been arrested following four fatal unrelated stabbings that took place on New Year's Eve and in the early hours of New Year's Day.

From Sweden, another gang rape in Malmo:

Another woman has been attacked and gang raped by several men in the Swedish city of Malmö... Police have searched an area in Högaholm with a special dog for semen. The victim was taken to hospital but had no severe injuries.

This is the fourth gang rape in Malmö in less than two months.

And, in Sydney, Australia, the threat of terrorism caused an Anglican Church to shut down its New Year’s Eve street party:

An Anglican church with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge has been forced to cancel an annual New Year's Eve street party over terrorist attack fears.

St Aidan's at Longueville, on the lower north shore, had hired bands or put on an annual family-friendly sausage sizzle on the last day of the year since 1999...

The church's rector Reverend Craig Potter said new state laws requiring community groups to hire professional security guards and put up concrete or water-filled bollards meant his congregation couldn't afford a $10,000 bill to ward off a potential terrorist attack.

And you want to know why certain American politicians do not want to open America’s doors to increased Muslim immigration.


trigger warning said...

"Collomb said reforms were needed to improve lives in 'pauperised, ghettoised' French suburbs..." = Give them a spiffy residence in a nicer neighborhood and more money to spend.

Interesting that the Left demonizes consumption, but proposes more consumption as the solution to every problem.

Sam L. said...

Most of those governments are directly suppressing their media from even mentioning the words "Muslim" and "Islam" when it comes to crimes and delinquency. This will not end well.