Sunday, July 11, 2010


vanderleun said...

The Times is no mystery. Just consider the demographics of its employees, including the publisher.

They're just voting their gender preferernces.

UmbrellaDrinks said...

The answer is to get the government out of our bedrooms. How is it that government came to be the controlling authority on marriage? I don't believe any of the founding fathers needed a government license to marry.

Ralph said...

Long term intact heterosexual unions are the most efficient means of reproducing and raising offspring. That is rational.

Homosexual unions are only equivalent to heterosexual ones that are childless, more specifically those that do not want children. Many childless couples want children, and the phenomena of becoming pregnant after adopting a child is well known.

If marriage only involved two people, or if love produces children (not biology), then homosexual relationships would be equivalent to heterosexual ones.

I am not sure government does not have a role in marriage because of the issue of private property division (both material and minor children).