Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Feel Goodism at NASA

As you may know, I have objected to the way education in this country has been given over to enhancing everyone's self-esteem. And to the deleterious effect that self-esteemism has been having on the culture at large.

The self-esteem movement wants students are taught to feel good about themselves no matter what their level of achievement. Anything that might make the little tykes feel bad about themselves-- like competition-- has been banned from schools that march under the banner of self-esteem.

You may think that I am being ridiculous for attacking this new pedagogical technique. After all, it's all so silly that no one could really take it seriously.

Everyone believes so thoroughly in this pseudo-therapeutic silliness that those of us who oppose it sound like we are inventing caricatures or are suffering from overheated brains.

Yet, it is with no joy that I mention that the new head of NASA, Charles Bolden recently told Al Jazeera that President Obama charged him, as a primary responsibility, with finding ways to make Muslim nations feel good about their achievements in math and science.

As the old saying goes... you can't make this stuff up.

Now, Victor Davis Hanson has written a column explaining how President Obama's passion for leftist platitudes has been filtering through his administration. And at the same time, how it is effecting our culture.

Here's a link to Hanson's piece, "The Ministries of Truth Weigh In." Via Instapundit.

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Anonymous said...

It's not my joke, but I saw a blog post titled:

Ralph Kramden announces "Trip straight ta th' moon, Alice!" will be cancelled to focus on Muslim Outreach.


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