Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Mosque at Ground Zero? Part 2

A few days ago I was happy to join those who oppose allowing a mosque to be built at Ground Zero. Link here.

Today I read Andrew McCarthy's excellent analysis of what is at stake culturally in this proposed construction. I recommend it highly. Link here.

I think it fair to say that building the mosque is an act of defiance, a defiance of American values, especially the value of freedom, and that it is part of a cultural war being waged against American and Western culture.

Many Western Europeans have figured it out, and have voted to ban the burqa and hijab.

Too many New Yorkers believe that their own zealous self-righteousness must trump all other considerations. They are even more intransigent because they believe that they are on the side of a great idea.

The majority of Americans do not agree. 54% disapprove, while 20% approve. Link here.

Self-righteous New Yorkers, starting with Mayor Bloomberg, would do well to remember Justice Robert Jackson's words: "There is danger that, if the court does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the Constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact."

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3rd Culture said...

Is it illegal to build a place of worship in the proposed area? If not, it would be "un-American" to oppose it.

However, I would rather see an "inter-faith" center built that honored all of the world's wisdom traditions. If Muslims built THAT - it would be truly impressive and send out a strong positive message and would be excellent PR for them.