Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloomberg for President? Part 2

I am hardly alone in thinking that Michael Bloomberg wants to be president of these United States. And I am surely not alone for having speculated that the method behind his full-throated, and somewhat mad, support of the Ground Zero mosque was to raise his own public and national profile... in anticipation of a presidential run.  For my earlier remarks, follow this link.

Now Politico is putting the pieces together, and coming up with a more substantive case for a Bloomberg run. Link here.

While I still tend to think that Bloomberg damaged himself in the fracas over the Ground Zero mosque, I do agree with Politico that he cannot be counted out just yet.


The Ghost said...

I worked for the man in the 90's and believe me when I say he is infected by power.
He can buy his way into the mayorship of NYC with his millions but will never be able to win the nomination for President.
First off what party would he run under ? He's a lifelong Democrat who jumped over to the Republican party so he could bring his fortune to bear on the mayoral race. He is the most RINO of all RINO's ... The (R) behind his name is simply a beard ...

Finally he is a liberal NY'er ... no chance at the Presidency ...

Stuart Schneiderman said...

You're probably right, and I appreciate having some direct testimony from someone who worked for him.

I am guessing that he wants to launch an independent candidacy, trying to pick up enough Repubs who want competent management and Dems who are attracted to his liberal social politics.

Then, he will present himself as a true independent, a man of the middle, someone who can heal an increasingly divided nation.

As you say, it will probably not work, but it is surely going to be interesting watching it all unfold.