Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Multiculturalism Makes Liberals Illiberal

Today we welcome new network to the internet world: The RightNetwork.

Even if you do not lean right, you will enjoy this network. I guarantee you that it's a lot better than the Wrong Network.

Among the Network's featured posts is a seminal essay by Victor Davis Hanson: Multiculturalism: The New Tyranny. 

Admittedly, right thinking people, myself included, have been criticizing multiculturalism for many years now. Yet, I find that Hanson has summed it up as well, if not better, than most of the others.

He argues that when liberalism got itself caught up in the net of a multicultural narrative, it began to indulge in a chronic form of self-criticism, believing that its own moral worth could only be established by finding fault with itself.

In terms that I have used, it became trapped in a guilt culture.

Perhaps because it was crippled with its own guilt, perhaps because it had bought the dogma of non-judgmentalism, it turned a blind eye to the faults of others. Liberals are so obsessed with the faults of our own civilization that they simply cannot see far worse calamities in other cultures.

Hanson puts it all in perspective, by offering a reality check to the absurd claims and appalling failures of multiculturalists.

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Kool Aid said...

The US never was nor will ever be mono-cultural.