Sunday, January 16, 2011


Robert Hagedorn said...

Well, they were free to choose. But what was it that they chose? Please do a search: The First Scandal Adam and Eve.

Stuart Schneiderman said...

As long as they were free to choose, they were responsible for their choice. I was trying to distinguish between being free to choose and not being free to choose. The new theories seem eliminate the element of free choice by emphasizing the importance of influence. And, as Brooks says, they seem to suggest that one should follow one's bliss and impulses and choose the gelato... which is fine... and feel that the choice is a good one because it is the one that taste dictated.

There is more to choice than taste, and, in some circumstances, the gelato may have been a very bad choice. In either case one is responsible for one's decisions, as a moral agent, regardless of whether or not they follow one's tastes.

Anonymous said...

"The new theories seem eliminate the element of free choice by emphasizing the importance of influence." - Stuart S.

it's just Marxism in new drag.

"Historical Determinism."
"Your parents did it to you."
the search for "Root Causes".
and on and on.

Someone observed you'll rarely hear "liberals" talk of "liberty".

Possibly because that conversation would require consideration of boundary conditions of responsibility and accountablity as well.

The therapy culture
can't recognize
it has a death wish.


Stuart Schneiderman said...

Isn't that the most amazing part of it. This new form of self-awareness has no real understanding of what it is up to. I doubt that Brooks himself would make the connection between the way these scientific discoveries are being applied and past efforts to repeal human nature.

Self-awareness has become so personalized that these thinkers fail to put their efforts into an historical context.

Anonymous said...

Stuart -

Brooks still sees the NYT
as his meal ticket.

I'm not convinced he sees much of anything clearly.


Threapy Culture said...

"To ensure that people thought the right thoughts and felt the right feelings, the Communist party imposed indoctrination sessions, non-stop propaganda, a national conversation on the correct way to think, and endless bouts of criticism and self-criticism."

This has been going on in the US ever since WW1, thanks to our government and our corporate businesses hiring of Sigmund Freud's nephew Edward Bernays.

See "The Century of the Self"

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