Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Happening in Egypt

Since I have very, very limited knowledge of the situation in Egypt, I want to provide some analysis from people who are much better versed in these matters. I have tried to choose people who are not in the business of politicizing the events, or of spinning them to make them fit within an ideological framework. It's always a good idea to start with reality before jumping to opinion.

For an objective overview of the situation, here’s an interview with Stratfor director, George Friedman. Link here. Clear and level-headed, fully informed about geopolitics, Friedman is always a first source for foreign policy analysis.

And then, of course, I am happy to provide a link to a commentary by Fouad Ajami, long a favorite foreign policy analyst of mine, a man of Egyptian origin. Link here. Ajami puts the events into the context of Egyptian.

Finally, the inimitable Caroline Glick offers what she calls a more pragmatic view-- some would call it a more conservative view-- from the neighborhood. Glick writes from Israel and gives us some added information about the actors and the history… from an Israeli perspective. Evidently, she is far less sanguine about the chances that democracy is going to emerge from the Egyptian rebellion.  Link here.

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Susan said...

Also....Abraham H. Miller has a very good article over at Pajamas Media (as do Michael Ledeen and Barry Rubin).

But Paul Krugman is silent...I guess he hasn't figured out how to blame Sarah Palin.