Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Cure for the Common Hangover

Now, here’s some news we can all use: a cure for the hangover.

First, Bloomberg offers up some New Year’s morning bad news. If we are suffering from hangovers-- and, who isn’t?-- it means that our alcohol consumption has damaged our brains. Link here.

How can we set our cerebral ships back on course? Bloomberg says that a cup of coffee and one more drink will not do the trick.

To overcome the effects of that hangover, you need to breathe more and to direct all of that excess alcohol toward your liver and kidneys, where your blessed metabolism will take care of the problem.

How can you do that? By strenuous physical exercise, of course.

But we all knew that!

Second, the New York Times has its own recommendation. The Times tells us that sun salutations are the way to go. Link here.

If you don’t know what that means, it refers to a common yogic exercise. In fact, that exercise is so common that even I know what it is.

Since breathing is one of the contributing factors in the body’s fight against alcohol, it makes a lot of sense.

Even if it didn’t, yoga is still a good remedy for anxiety. Just in case.

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Chuck Pelto said...

TO: Dr. Schneiderman
RE: Hangover? What's That?

I guess it has a LOT to do with genetics. American Indians have issues with alcohol. In the town there is a famous Christmas Day massacre when in the mid-1800s, the trading post opened it's doors to the local Indian population to celebrate the birth of Christ. [Note: This place was where ALL the tribes on this side of the Divide, as well as many of the plains tribes, came together to winter-over.]

The Indians got drunk. Someone took offense at something and as a result the brawl turned into a massacre of all the whites.

On the other hand, my ancestors—the Vikings—seemed to have developed an ability to drink to excess and not be all that bad off the next day. Probably something to do with LONG Winter nights drinking while listening to bards sing tales of heroes.

Happy New Year!!!!

[Alcohol, n., That elixir that allows us to endure the operation of Life.]