Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Children's Table

It must have been his European charm. Why else would a lovely young Brazilian soap opera star like Adriana Ferreyr take up with an octogenarian like George Soros?

Strangely enough, when a George Soros is reported to have several girlfriends, everyone says he is charming, but when Hugh Hefner does the same everyone says that he has a Viagra drip.

Happily enough for those who would rather not see visions of George and Adriana in their minds’ eye, we can now examine the more decorous side of the randy octogenarian's behavior.

Specifically, we can study the seating arrangements at his Sunday brunches in the Hamptons.

Yesterday The Daily reported that at Sunday brunch chez Soros there were three tables: one for the men, one for the women, and one for the children. Link here.

Since philosopher-king Soros funds a large number of left wing causes, it’s amusing to discover that he practices strict sexual segregation at his beachfront estate.

In this Soros has one-upped the Victorians. You may not remember, but after Victorian dinner parties, the men would retire to the den to discuss serious political and business matters, while the women were left to chat on about their knitting or other suitable topics.

Yet, the Victorians did allow men and women to dine at the same table. In that they were appreciably more evolved than George Soros.

Be that as it may, Adriana Ferreyr, she of the pending lawsuit, did attend these brunches. Yet, she was not allowed to be seated at the women’s table. She was consigned to the children’s table.

According The Daily she did not like it one bit. Imagine the indignity of it all.

Perhaps she also knew that Soros was telling friends that she was “only for nightime.“ Imagine the indignity of hearing that.

Yet, both seemed to pale next to the indignity she suffered when Soros explained to her, in bed, that he had given the apartment he had promised her, and that she had chosen, to his other girlfriend.

One understands that she would want to restore a measure of her honor by extracting monetary compensation from the billionaire, but one also understands that she is settling a score for years of disrespect.

In these matters it is never just about money. Anyone who makes the claim is inflicting a grievous insult on a woman.

I suspect that her efforts to diminish his reputation, to drag his “good name” through the muck is really an effort to restore her own reputation.

In an interview she gave to The New York Post Ferreyr claims she had a respectful and loving relationship with Soros. Throughout the relationship she was loyal to him; she did not cheat on him.

Translation: she was not being paid and was not in it for the money.

She also told the Post that she was not in it for the progeny. She said that it had something to do with his age. We are left to speculate.

The moral of the story is clear: don’t mess with Brazilian women.


The Ghost said...

if collaborating with the Nazis didn't smear the Soros "good name" then nothing this woman says will ...

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