Thursday, August 11, 2011

George Soros Unhinged

Apparently, it wasn’t enough for George Soros to be a hedge fund titan and a philosopher-king. It seems that he also wanted to emulate Hugh Hefner.

Today’s news reports suggest that one of the octogenarian’s forays into the world of beauteous twenty-something women did not turn out very well. Links here and here. Text of the lawsuit.

28 year old Brazilian soap-opera actress and college student Adriana Ferreyr is now suing the randy octogenarian for $50 million for breach of promise.

According to the lawsuit, George Soros is not a man of his word.

Tell me you’re surprised.

Soros had promised to buy a condo for Ferreyr, but then decided to give it to another woman.

Alas, true love is a fickle beast….

Better yet, Soros, for all of his wisdom, lacked even the most elementary form of human respect. He chose to tell Ferreyr about the other woman right after a “passionate” round of reconciliation sex.

The lawsuit quotes what it contends were his exact words: “I gave it [the apartment] to my girlfriend and she is flourishing.”

It’s hard to believe that a male adult, in a post-coital embrace, does not know better than to refer to another woman as his “girlfriend.” One finds it hard to imagine that any man could display this  level of insensitivity toward a woman, but that does not mean that it didn’t happen.

No one should be surprised that fight ensued.

The reports do not recount Ferreyr’s reaction-- I‘m guessing it was passionate-- but they contend that the unhinged philosopher-king slapped her, tried to choke her, and threw a lamp at her.

Wounded by a shard of broken glass from the lamp, Ferreyr ran into another room and called the police. She received three stitches.

No charges were filed.

Later, Soros tried to purchase Ferreyr’s silence. She refused his offer.

Then, distraught over not receiving the apartment of her dreams-- now inhabited by Soros’s  “flourishing” girlfriend-- Ferreyr decided to lease another apartment in the same building.

This made philosopher-king Soros unhappy because he did not want his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend living in the same building.

According to Ferreyr Soros then hired private security guards to harass her and to follow her, thus causing her even more distress.

If this is true then Hugh Hefner has a lot more class than George Soros.

Now we will anxiously await the verdict of the court of public opinion. What will happen to the public reputation of a man who did not content himself with being rich, but who raised his public profile by injecting himself and his money into national politics?

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