Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Wisconsin Miracle

While Nancy Pelosi agonizes about job creation, conveniently ignoring how many jobs were lost during her tenure as Speaker of the House, some states are bucking the trend.

Among them is Wisconsin.

You remember Wisconsin. You remember when union organizers and their minions descended on Madison, Wisconsin to block Gov. Walker’s efforts to rein in union power. You remember when all of the Democratic legislators in Wisconsin high tailed it out of the state to forestall passage of the Walker reforms.

Left thinking Americans thrilled at the prospect of labor unions and their bought-and-paid-for Democratic flunkies standing up for... as it happens... fiscal insolvency and high unemployment.

Walker’s reforms eventually passed, though the unions are still trying to have them overturned by the courts.

As the results come rolling in, it’s difficult to see what the unions could have found so objectionable.

This past June America, in an especially dismal showing, created 18,000 private sector jobs. Of those jobs, 9,500 were in Wisconsin.

Since Scott Walker became governor in January and declared that Wisconsin was open for business, the state has added 39,300 jobs.

In the three years preceding the Walker ascendancy, Wisconsin lost more than 150,000 jobs.

What else do you need to know about who is on the side of jobs and who is fighting for unemployment in America.

It makes sense that protest demonstrations, led by outside agitators, receive far more media coverage than employment statistics. They make for better television; they offer more compelling images; they show higher levels of drama.

But in the end, jobs matter more than street theater, and Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, following the example of Texas and Virginia, is now leading the way.

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